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Hi guys I hope I'm welcome back

I have not posted on here for quite some time. This was not because I did not want to post it was because I could not log on. I had asked to reinstate my account but after it was reinstated it would not accept my password. It has taken a few months to get this rectified through no ones fault and I now have a new password. I would like to say a big well done to all who have managed to quit and to those who haven't try again.

I have now been quit for over 15 months and I will never smoke again. I would also like to say thank you to all of you who helped me.

I hope I can come back and help others who need it


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Congratulations for yor great job!!!! :):):)


You are so so welcome back and once the word gets out I am sure their will be many coming to wish you well, there are lots of new quitters who dont know you but will benefit from your wisdom, I hope you are well and that being past the year mark has made it so much better, I found that I spent the majority of the year worrying that I would not reach the year but like you my quit buddy I did and feel shocked and stunned LOL

Again Jack a warm welcome to you :D


welcome back

Hi Jack,

It's good to see you back and like you, I am almost 15 months off the fags and at the start of my quit I worried that I would not make 15 days, but Hey Hoo I am a happy non smoker now, so take heart all you newbies it can be done. Great to have you back Jack



Hi Dannyboy and thanks. Yep as you say "take heart all you newbies it can be done"

I was very determined to stop so that helped me but I think the main thing was knowing I was an addict and still am. We are all addicts and when we realise that that's when we can stop. We must also realise that we are brainwashing ourselves when we say we can't stop, turn that around to we can stop.

I remember a few weeks ago I felt I wanted to smoke even though I wouldn't. I was driving through Pitlochry thinking this then remembered watching Cops the night before and they had arrested these guys for drug possesion. It was then that I remembered why I stopped.............I am an drug addict!! The drug being nicotine and that was my final decision I will never smoke again. I even smiled to myself.

Well done you for going so long and like you I am now a non smoker.

Jamangie hi again and I hope I can get the time to come on here and help others to do what we have done. Although we have not been in contact so much recently we did it together.

Snoopy thanks and if you are just starting out we are all here to help. If you want to quit, you will, I promise. It's a long hard road but what's waiting at the end is worth every minute of struggle.



Way hay my 2 quit buddies on the same thread how good is that hugs to you both xx


And big hugs back to you xx


Great news

Hi Jack

Nice to see you back :D


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