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Well I'm in the big room as from today, can't believe I've managed a whole year without the ciggies, how quickly it's passed too.

Had a really bad start to the year. I always thought I'd relapse when anything happened to any of my beloved girls (dogs) Well the worst thing happened on 15 Jan, my sweetest softest, youngest little girl had been ill for a few months then developed a aggressive tumour, we had her pts at home and then took her to the pet cemetery where we had her cremated and then brought her home where she belonged.

She was on my knee the week before looking at me lovingly and I said to her "You wouldn't want me to start smoking again Rosie so I'm saying now that even though it will be hard and my heart will break, I will not smoke again for you". I know you're supposed to do it for yourself but promising Rosie this made all the difference and I got through it without my crutch.

So I'm pleased with myself for passing a major hurdle there (with Rosie's help of course). Sounds daft when I tell people I promised a dog not to smoke:) but to me it meant everything and it's one promise I will keep forever.

So keep up the fight peeps, if I can do it anybody can, that's for sure.

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Awwww well done to you. I am so sorry to hear about one of your best friends. My babies are getting on now and I am terrified of when that time comes for me :(

Just remember the great times, be so proud of yourself for not starting again:o



Hi Marion

I am so sorry about your little Rosie it doesn't sound daft to me that you promised her not to smoke

1 Whole year smoke free for that huge acheivement well done you and




One Year


Isn't it just the best thing? Your dogs obviously mean so much to you and I remember that you posted pics a while ago. They will be enjoying the smoke-free new lifestyle too.



Congrats one whole year.xxxxxx



WTG Marion! Team FM rocks!


Hey Marion - CONGRATS !!!!!

Where did the year go? went so quick.

Im counting 3 now from Team FM, unless ive missed someone.


Congrats on a whole year Marion.........:D


Well done, its great to see so many people making past 1 year stage, and guiding the way for the rest of us :)


marion,congrats to you,one hole year wow,time does go so quick,,you have keep the faith tony


WOW......What a great accomplishment. You should be so proud!!:)


good for you!

WEll Rosie will keep you on the straight and narrow, sometimes you need a reason to stop, or keep stopping smoking. So her death was not in vain, it happened to help you through this, God bless you xx


Well done Marion


Well done Marion :D

I am so sorry about Wee Rosie, but glad she has helped you stay stopped and join us here in the Penthouse:D

(((Hugs))) :o


Hello Marion, well done, im passing by and seeing alot of people who have made it a year. Must of been something in the water last Feb - March 2008 :D


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