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Hi guys :) introducing myself

Hello everyone! My names Heather, i'm 19 and I have been smoking since i was 13 :( bad, i know!

I've wanted to quit smoking for the past few months, and in november/december i gave it a go.. i lasted as long as 2 weeks (which i was very proud of) but the reason i caved is because i felt very very depressed!

I already suffer from depression (mostly due to bad childhood events and living with a mentally ill mother/sister) and as i'm in the process of recovery i thought it was completely unhelpful.

HOWEVER! I find that when i smoke these days it just makes me feel ill, anxious and crap so i really do want to stop..

I'll be hanging around of this forum, i love helping other people so lets work together :) nice to meet you all!


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Welcome, congrats on your decision to quit! :)


Hi SS - goodluck with your quit. Here to help. :)



Hi Heather

Welcome to the forum - and what a great decision to make while you are still young. Stop now, and you will walk away from your smoking career scott free! Let us know how you are getting on, and read as much as you can on here.

Good luck


Thanks for the support everyone :) it's really motivating seeing your achievements in your signitures ^_^ x



welcome to the forum, were happy to help you to stop smoking, were here when you need us, just login and we'll help you through the tough times ahead.



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