Mark has been to the smoking clinic and has got champix too. When I went yesterday and had a chat told her how I was she said it was common with a lot of people yet the dr seemed to think I was depressed and stressed. Im so glad I tried again (even though I flopped) as I have learnt alot last month all the ups and downs, my weak points what I need to watch for. I have never changed my view that I want to stop that has stayed firm. We are both starting the champix on Saturday and Mark has got Easter week off and my other brother is coming home so he can look out for Mum and my other bro take a bit of pressure off. Me and Mark can get on with our quit which will start the following Saturday hopefully the weather will be good as there will be lots of walks with the dog. Im also thinking of ways I can give myself a boost as I use smoking for that (know it doesnt really) as I really need to keep possitive and happy for my Mum so this next week will be looking at different things I can do to replace the boost I got from cigs.

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  • Hi Mel :D

    So glad they sorted you out some Champix and also Mark I wish you both well and am sure the champix will be a big help fot you

    You'll be able to support each other which will help as well

    But remember that although champix is a huge help you will still need that willpower of yours as well


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Best of luck to you, Mel.... and Mark :) Will be looking out for you on here ;) You can do it!

  • Good Luck,

    I hope it goes well.

    I would like to mention that a coupla years ago I stopped smoking for about


    After the nicotine had left my body and the physical

    cravings ended everything seemed fine... but it was my mind that took me back

    to smoking.

    I simply could not stop thinking about them after a while.

    This phenomenon is backed up in "allen carrs easy way to stop smoking"

    this book/ audio book puts the willing non-smoker in a frame of mind that

    makes stopping smoking a pleasure...truly :)

    I totally recommend it.

    After that, I have found helping other smokers keeps the cigarettes away.

    Kinda like how alcoholics can stay recovered by helping each other.

    Anyway, thats what works for me,

    I love being a non-smoker

    hope to see ya round the forums!

  • Ive got the Alan Carr bookk and I am starting to read it on saturday, along with the web sites mentioned on here hopefully it will all sink into my thick head lol. Many thanks for the replies X

  • Hi Mel :D

    Why have you got a thick head, you been on the plonk already today HA HA


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Mel :D

    Why have you got a thick head, you been on the plonk already today HA HA


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

    LOL :D That made me smile.

  • good luck to you both xx:)

  • Hi Mel,

    Echoing everything said here.

    Wishing all the best to you and Mark and looking forward to seeing you post on here with updates.


  • Lovely to see you back and so positive. If you follow through with the mental side aswell you should sail through it!! xx

  • Good luck guys! :)

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