I'm feeling marvelous

41 Days down and I decided to treat myself to a new hairdo, where I've been colouring and cutting myself for the last seven years I looked like a extremely shaggy tortoise shell cat with split ends, I now have a sleek cut with professional colour that is not at all patchy ;) Wow I feel good, and not skint as I used my tobacco money to pay for it.

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  • Congratulations

    41 days being a non-smoker is terrific! I bet you are looking great, and the best part is the nicodemon won't recognise you.

  • :D

    so good to see you still winning the war and its always nice to treat yourself with the money you have saved

  • I think the next treat will be clothes a size or so larger - Mmmmmmmmm food tastes so gooooood

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