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I'm in the Penthouse!


I can't actually believe I quit smoking on 31/05/14. A whole year! In the early days I didn't think I could last a day, a week, two weeks, one month.......but I did. It was hard but it was absolutely worth it. I feel so much healthier now (especially as I have also lost a couple of stones now too), I have more money and I don't smell like an ashtray.

To everyone here who have posted in this last year, thank you - you are all inspirational and to all the newer quitters - good luck and keep going, even if you trip along the way just pick yourself up and keep on going. :D:):D:)

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Thanks for the inspirational notice, Im determined to do this and follow in your footsteps :0)

Nicky, am so impressed at your achievements :)

What an amazing thing you have done, we are inspired to bits, good to hear the weight can wait too, as that gets so many people back on the fags!

Tell me you are celebrating??

Thank you for your comments.. I am celebrating Hattie, a kind of mixed celebration as I was recently 40 and my hubby is 40 this month so we are off to Butlins for an adult weekend on Friday. I really wanted to quit smoking and lose weight before hitting the big 4-0 and I did, which I never though possible.:)

kacmins2 Years Smoke Free

Congratulations Nicky! I knew you could do it, right off the bat :) Well done on keeping your weight in check, it just goes to show that everything is possible once we quit and stay quit. See you in the Penthouse soon!


Fantastic, rather lush isn't it.

A huge well done from me, all your hard work has paid off.

A huge celebration is required at the golden gates of the penthouse.


Congratulations Nicky. Very well done, with the quit and the weight loss. Great achievements. See you in the Penthouse I.................I was going to write 'hope', but will leave it at 'see you in the Penthouse'. Enjoy your Butlin's weekend.....haven't been to Butlin's since I was a child. I used to save vouchers from my comic and then my parents would draw straws to decide who would accompany me (my grandparents usually).

Yes, congratulations, have a lovely weekend :) x

Congratulations Nicky, it's great news. Imagine being 40 and thinking aw I still smoke and knowing you wanted to stop. Not you, you did it! I quit a few months after being 40 and read your posts. Hope I get there too I certainly plan to. Really great going x

This is wonderful news, Congratulations Nikki I'm so happy for you!!!. So nice to read these posts - makes it all seem real and attainable.

Well deserved vacation, Enjoy Butlins ( that made me smile and took me down memory lane, thanks for that too) :)

Well done Nikki I'm sure you will be very happy in the penthouse I have heard its lovely, and I am happy that you are celebrating not only your birthday but your success as well, once again well done.

Like you Que this was a bit of a blast from the past hearing the name Butlins reminded me of where I lived growing up 😃😀😊🐚🌴🐟

Thank you everyone and good luck to you all in your quits, see you all in the penthouse soon :D

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