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Day two and feeling a bit liek I'm cheating

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Well I haven't had a cigarette since I went to bed on Tuesday. I decided when I quit that I was going to use an inhaler just to take the edge off, which I have been doing. They say when you first quite you will use 6-12 cartridges but yesterday I used 4 and today I have only used 1 so far. I just give it a little puff when I feel the need rather than keep puffing on it like you are supposed to.

However reading some of the other posts it looks like nearly everyone else is doing it cold turkey and now I don't feel half as proud of myself as I was before- I feel like I'm cheating and I've not really quit yet.

I have been on a bit of a high yesterday and today up until now. I am going out for dinner tonight and will be having a glass of wine- which I know is going to be tricky (cigarettes and alcohol go hand in hand don't they?) so hopefully I'll have my motivation back by then.

I think I'm just looking for a boost from you lovely people on here if you could oblige?

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How can you even think that, what you are doing is not cheating, you have stopped smoking haven’t you, well that’s what this site is all about not how you get there just that you do.

I quit CT but so what, doesn’t make us any better or worse than any one else, how boring if we all did it the same way.

We all end up being smoke free and that is the aim.

No matter how you climb the mountain its reaching the summit that counts, well done you for your great quit and also for finding this forum, grab a hand as you traverse the road and then you will be well supported and able to support someone on your way.

Hey Trinity:)

I completely understand where you are coming from, I too felt a bit like a fraud at 1st but as Jam says it's not how you get there it's the fact that you are no longer a smoker! OK so we're still putting some nicotine in our bodies but it really is such a small amount to what you get from fags plus it's free from the 4000+ chemicals that went along with them!

So we're just getting a little help on the way - nowt wrong with that! Before long we will be completely free like the CT ers!!!

Good luck and I wish you all the best........Oh and stay strong tonight! Although I was told to try and avaoid situations where I knew I was going to crave for the 1st few weeks I didn't as I wanted all the triggers ticked off the list as early as possible, have always still enjoyed my glass of red of an evening!!!:D


I agree deprive your self of one thing at a time and then you want feel so down and so long as you dont get bitzed you will do ok, enjoy your night out x

Thanks ever so much for all your encouragement.

Last night wasn't too bad, I had my glass of wine without craving too much. Maybe it was because I was in a restaurant rather than at home so I wouldn't have been able to actually smoke with it normally anyway. I did see some smokers nip outside though and I have to say I did not envy them considering how wet it was outside.

I've decided to try and go as long as I can without the inhaler today and see if how much I really need it.

Also did anybody find they were waking up in the night a lot after they quit? It's happened a lot the last two nights and it is leaving me exhausted!

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....Also did anybody find they were waking up in the night a lot after they quit? It's happened a lot the last two nights and it is leaving me exhausted!

The increased oxygen levels in your blood make for an interesting first month and bolt upright, wide awake at 3.00am is common.

The trick is to remember that it is all part of the healing process.

There is no element of being a smoker that is preferable to being a non-smoker, we just think there was!

Don't worry in the slightest about the inhalator.

If YOU think it's helping then use it because it IS!

Because you quit smoking in your head you need to allow it to navigate your course. We all have the same destination but our individual sat-navs can be somewhat bizarre... :)

You are NOT cheating by any stretch of the imagination. You're doing what works for you. I tried patches a few years back, failed on them and thats the only reason I did it CT.

I'm an all or nothing kinda gal.

You're doing fantastic. As someone who is only a little bit further down the quitting road than you, I promise it gets easier and even enjoyable!

Nope using the inhalator is definitely not cheating - when I first quit I used it as a back-up to my patches!

(My inhalator got me through many a stressful situation, I can't recommend them enough, and as they taste so horrible they're a lot easier to give up than actual fags!)

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