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Day 2 - I feel I'm cheating

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Morning all,

I feel like I'm cheating here. As I stopped at 16:00, I'm already halfway through a day when I wake up!

So...Day 2.5 - thanks to noisy neighbours (well they're annoying teenage son), we didn't get much rest last night. It all came to an end around 2am I think another neighbour went apoplectic at them. I couldn't sleep following that.

I'm not too sure if it was to do with the withdrawal, because I did nothing yesterday, or just all the excitement! What ever it was I've woken feeling nice and calm.

If day 3 stays like this then there shouldn't be too much trauma. 3 test is a trip to the supermarket. I don't do towns or crowds of people (due to panic attacks etc). Today is likely to be the first trip for a long while...all in the name of juice!


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Hi Martin :D

Sorry you got woken like that I hate it when it happens to me

Nope you're not cheating at all

Enjoy the shopping trip :D


Marg xx

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WELL DONE,keep on going!


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HI Martin

You are doing great...and juice is worth it!!!:)

Cigs actually increase stress levels so you may find it easier when you go to the shops...good luck..


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Cheers all!

Well..who would have thunked it? I went to a supermarket and didn't wig out once! I was so ecstatic that 2 bottles of juice (orange AND lemon for those interested :P) turned in to £28 worth of stuff I didn't really need. Stopping smoking is so bloomin' expensive!

Lots of fruit and veggies to graze on when I go back to work tomorrow so not all bad I guess.

I walked past the tobacco counter without second thought AND filled the car up with diesel (which is the killer for me). I have an 80 mile round trip commute to work every day so generally visit the petrol station bi-daily for diesel and smokes. Over the past 10 years it has pretty much become a religion!...again didn't think twice.

Well chuffed on lots of levels. So happy in fact I'm going to roast a chicken.

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Well done Martin - but you're missing a trick. I like walking past the ciggy kiosk in the local Asda and thinking, I don't have to queue there any more (It was a daily humiliation for me).

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Well done, sounds like you are enjoying what you ae doing, keep that up it is great. Think I would like to come to you for dinner.

Wishing you well.


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Thanks Jackie,

Sunday Roast is a must in this house, a Sunday never passes without roasties!

At this stage I feel like I'm an uber lucky one. I wouldn't go as far to say there haven't been challenges, so far I've had a panic attack (which floored me for a good couple hours), headaches, tingles in the hands and feet and general tiredness/dizziness.

However, I look at all of the above as positive side effects of what I'm doing - therefore they automatically can't be bad. I'm kinda good at turning a negative in to something good I can use.

I've just put a couple of double sided A4 sheets together with the cessation timeline also. Being a complete hypochondriac the first few days and the benefits are all nice, but their not what I'm after. 1 to 15 years looks good to me so therefore I guess I'm in it for the long run.

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