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Now i'm really feeling like a non-smoker!

Have just had a two week holiday in sunny Mexico, and it has finally reinforced to me that I really don't think I will ever smoke again. I was watching people sitting, relaxing, enjoying having a smoke, and it's such a contrast to seeing people back home, rushing from pillar to post trying to fit in a smoke, huddled outside in the cold. Seeing people in a relaxed state seemingly enjoying their cigarette certainly made me think. But when I did think it through, I whole heartedly decided, without any doubt, that I didn't want to. There was nothing and no-one stopping me, only myself and my thoughts. I think at home I have concentrated so hard on the image portrayed by people smoking and the situations they are in, which most of the time do not look relaxed or enjoyable, that I had completely forgotten those relaxed holiday situations, its sunny, everyone is relaxed and smiling and enjoying themselves. I also found it a shame when I found myself downwind of a smoker cos of the smell, and felt a little embarrassed about the amount of times that had been me.

I know we should never say never, but I didn't realise how much smoking affected my lifestyle until I stopped. The benefits are endless and every time I find myself in a new situation, I reflect on how different it would have been had I been a smoker, in these past couple of months I haven't come across a single situation where smoking was something I even contemplated for a second, and I certainly haven't come across a time when I think it would have benefited me at all. I know we're all different in our quits, I don't know when I stopped wanting to smoke, I still think about it but now it's in a "do you remember when" sort of way.

Sorry for dragging-on. To all new quitters out there, stick with it, the light is at the end of the tunnel and there's no knowing how long that tunnel is, but stick with it cos it is well worth it.

The end!

Lorraine :)

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thank you

Well, this is my 1st time here. I stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and this was such a positive thing to read. I am also enjoying the freedom from smoking, but sunny Mexico might just be a step too far for me right now.

It is wonderful to think that this may be me soon though.:)


Stick with it Sandy, you have it all to look forward to. 3 weeks is brilliant, and although it may seem a long way off, keep positive and it will be you before you realise it, then you'll wonder when it happened.

You'll be counting in months soon, and with all the money you'll save, you can take yourself off anywhere.

Lorraine :)


Thank you

I know you are right, I cant wait really. The not smoking me seems altogether superior to the smoker-fragrant wealthy and interested in the world instead of holed up in my kitchen wishing every one would go away so that i could smoke without censure. I am so much more efficient at work too and that is a surprise because I have always worked hard, and I only went outside a couple of times a day to smoke, but Oh boy how often was I looking at the clock or checking in with the other smokers to see if it was time for a break- my concentration was shot!:p



How lovely Lorraine, thanks for sharing :)


Very Inspiring, just another reason to keep going, who knows this time next year..........


Great stuff Lorraine and a fab post!

Thank you and well done

Tinks xx


What a fab post I also agree with most of it. Not been on holiday with this quit tho:D:D But i dont think it will be very hard this time.xxxxxx


Sounds like you had a wonderful epiphany there :)

to truly know you are now in the right place with your quit is a major turn of a corner. well done :)


I also found it a shame when I found myself downwind of a smoker cos of the smell, and felt a little embarrassed about the amount of times that had been me.

All well said Lorraine :D..... but the quote above hits the nail on the head for me as i feel just like that after 19 days.


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