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Feel like I'm falling to bits!

Hello everyone, day 14 woke up and had morphed into she devil, not my first time quitting, I'm on the patches and it seems one day I have so much energy im bordering on the most hyper annoying person you can think of and the next I need scraping up off the floor today I'm a splodge with a splitting headache again although I must say my skin looks nice when I can lift my face off the carpet and peel open my eyes to focus and I feel so sick but hey ho theres always a silver lining I've washed the dog because my sense of smell has come back ... He still stinks ;)

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Hey Julie! You're doing fab. Don't worry if you have crappy days, it's a rollercoaster at the beginning. And don't forget some of it might be hormone related, rather than quit related - I blamed all my sh*tty moods on the fags at the outset, and then realised... er... oh *that's* why I'm being a she-devil :D

Hang in there. Things do even out after a while. And it's totally worth riding the wave for a few weeks. Really!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And don't forget to remind yourself what a cracking good thing you're doing. Blow that metaphorical trumpet, you deserve it!



Hi Julie,

Don't lose sight of the fact that many many people have gone through what you're going through and have come out of the other side smiling and much healthier.

The key is to accept the fact that you might feel crap on and off for a while, but the cravings and sense of despair will go away over time. Don't try to fight the emotions away, but ride them out each time. Every wave of discomfort will help you to become stronger, because when the bad feelings start again you will already know what to expect.

Hang in there!



Feeling ROTTEN too!

Hi - I can REALLY relate

Its week 2 cold turkey & know it must be different for everyone but have been feeling SO grumpy , on and off , but when its ON it seems to come from no-where , usually late at night and I have trouble sleeping , also maybe that is when I relied on cigarettes the most , I think

Its been HARD and I'm trying not to overeat to compensate or cheer myself up or only eat healthy stuff or drink lots of water etc but its the GRUMPS and SENSITIVITY and feeling vunerable I am having real difficulty with at the moment

I did cry for the first 2 days of giving up lol but then it eased and now its back in a different way and the PHYSICAL side hasn't been that bad at ALL , its just the EMOTIONAL side which has proven difficult and I hope it passes soon because I feel so weak and sensitive :confused:

Not giving in and definitely not reaching for a cigarette just wanna hope it will pass soon as felt ok all day but then got the grumps again at night time xx


You feel like your falling to bits because u are falling to bits. The construct of you as a smoker is being dismantled .for years smoking got u through and held u together, it didnt really u just thought it did. what your getting now is life on lifes terms and for a wee while it will sting. i say a wee while but there will be days and hours that dont obey the time laws. It is a roller coaster for a time but thats just the nasty part of the ride eventually you get the waltzers and the helter skelter. next comes the bingo where u win a fiver every day. then the best toffee apples , but watch them cos they make u fat. quitting smoking is just the start of a complete change and you have to then experience freedom which i find to be the ttough part, but thats getting better. you'll be ok , just be kind to yourself and keep remembering what a wonderful life affirming thing your doing.

Mash x


It does vary from day to day and from hour to hour , one minute I'm fine , the next I feel tearful for no apparent reason! ... Then I find it IS best to simply CRY and I do actually feel better afterwards..

I feel like someone coming off drugs and it WAS a drug and it IS rehabilitation and I AM ''in recovery'' and it certainly feels so too this time , don't know why this time is DIFFERENT - I reckon it is because this time it is REAL and I am doing it for real!!! :) xx



Julie, hang in there!

I hit day 13 and had one of those days myself. When I read your post I could feel what you were going through as if yesterday. It DOES get better.

I'm on week 6, still have had a FEW moments like that yet, but not as often. The ugly demon does surface from time to time.

Believe me, I have NO regrets so far. This is the hardest thing I feel I've ever done, 30 yrs of a habit to undo. It's not going to happen in 6 wks, 3 mos, nor 6mos. Most likely it will take the rest of my living days!

Read Mash's post, print it off, keep it handy there's alot of good advice there and posted by the others as well. I pray that your next few days go well, you should be close to turning the corner!

Cathy :)



And ditto to Cazz! Hang in there! The rotten feeling won't last long!

Cathy :)


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