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Feeling Free Day Three!


Good morning everyone,

Finally got to day 3 !!!! feeling good still and very pleased with myself.

lets hope this makes me stronger for the nasty crave that might just come from no where.

finding lots to do to keep me busy, decorating today so fun fun fun.

Thankyou for everyones support. :D

lots of love ali -bubs xx

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Hi Ali :D

Day 3 and feeling good I am so pleased for you and you have every right to be pleased with yourself

Go Ali Go


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Big thanks marg

well done you too and hope you have a great holiday, we will all miss

you. cant wait to reach day 4, baby steps i know but feel like i want

to shout IM FREE thats how great it feels today.

lots of love

ali-bubs xx

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Ali,

Really good to see you on day 3 - and so pleased that you are so upbeat and positive about it.

The lovely spring weather, longer days, warmth from the sun - it all helps me. I look at the blossoms and all the things that spring brings, those feelings of renewal - and then I feel so good that I'm doing a bit of renewal, spring cleaning if you like, for my own body too!

Oh God! I'm turning (back) into a hippy!!!!:o

Keep strong


Hi Ali :D

Those baby steps will get you there and soon you'll be taking giant ones instead just hang on in there

It is nice of you to say you'll miss me but I'll only be gone for 4/5 days and than I'll be back here again HA HA

If you want to shout I'M FREE go ahead and do just that OK


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Ali

:D :D

Well done!!

You are going in the right direction!! I was like a woman posessed the first week, digging up the garden and spring cleaning the house, i'm now on with painting ceilings - bring on the white hair hehe

Keep it up :)

Glad to see you back again on day three and sounding so positive! xx

Thanks deke ,marg,angela,Fiona

Just having a well deserved break ,finished all the glossing, its lovely and white now . and thats the way its gonna stay.

Was quite relaxing doing some painting and i have lots more to do to get rid of the shi--y nico colour !!.one room down 5 more to go.

I also have got the munchies like many others (food tastes so much better).

Can`t wait to be in day 4 !.

Lots of love ali-bubs xx:D

If sleep is such a problem - as a lifelong insomniac I can sympathise, especially if it's a new thing to you - go see your doctor for some proper sleeping pills - I can recommend Amitriptyline - non-addicitve - first thing that's worked for me for years ...


Here it is Alison, BB, I hope you don't me pinching this quote?

Fi xx

Well done ali bubs .... I cant keep up with you your jumping up the forum so quick !!!!:D

Keep it up .... ur doing great......

Now what can I eat now

please will you eat my easter eggs. I am begining to look like one.

Hi greg

eat whatever you can get your hands on. im stuffing a chocolate muiller corner yum yum .will walk it off later with my dog .

lots love ali-bubs xx

please will you eat my easter eggs. I am begining to look like one.

No problem :):)

ok fiona ,send them round i will soon get rid of them for you.

Ive got ten in a cupboard ready for the little ones in my family. and believe me the times i have gone to that cupboard opened it up and thought about having one , have resisted so far but dont think it will be long before a few go missing.

lots love ali-bubs xx

Day 4 already

Hi Alison doesnt seem 5 minutes ago I read you post on day one, Brilliant news, keep going soon be week One ;) Kaz x

Hi ya kaz,

day 4 tomorrow. dont time fly when your having fun.i think im more prepared on this quit and feeling happy so thats good. :D

lots of love ali-bubs xx

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