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My Week 3

My week three has been a breeze to be honest, can't believe I have now been a non smoker for four weeks!

Have not had any cravings, odd thought earlier today watching tv someone smoking I actually thought poor lass bet she stinks! I didn't think oh I want a fag, I actually thought as she blew the smoke I bet she stinks and feels like crap. I can't take in that I loved fags so much i always said ill never stop i enjoy it too much, now I don't like them. Some times they used to make me feel sick having one or upset my tummy, why did I love doing that?

Anyone worried about weight gain, my first week I lost 1lbs, week 2 maintain, week 3 iv lost 5lbs. Granted I had my gallbladder out last Friday but I'm eating a healthy low fat diet, iv had to follow low fat because i want a quick recovery but also i want to be healthy. So for me a craving have an ice pop, they are are my little life savers.

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Good positive attitude - doing great hinny. :D


So nice to read your post and see a positive attitude, makes those of us in the first week very hopeful :D well done to you!

And she probs did stink and feel like crap actually! Its good than you can see that and think thank god thats not me rather than i miss that being me, you have nothing to miss you really dont! Also Treat yourself to something that costs the same as the fags would have done :D


Hi people, thank you for the comments.

Today had been bad, well this morning. I was actually growling in to the phone this morning while speaking to the worst customer care advisor. I could honestly have put my hand down the phone and knocked her clean out. Then I realized it was 11am and I had no patch on! Then I was in a whirl with myself and up came that thought oh it's easier to smoke than feel like this. Hmmm obviously it's not easier to smoke because that's the cheating way. Then I wanted to punch myself I the face for even thinking it, I felt like I betrayed myself.

So I'm not ready to go it alone and i need my patches, to me in my head a patch is better than a fag so I'll keep the patch. I did have one of those inhaler things it's still got same refill in from day two. I only really used that the first couple of days but it's there like a safety net for me. I'm ok now and not thought about the fags within hour of having my patch back on. But why dose your head decide to tell you to have a fag, I find it all strange how addicted I was and still am to my patch lol.


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