Stepping into week 3 with a spring in my step

I am so happy to be nicotine free for 2 weeks now. All in all it has been remarkably stress free. I have tried to focus on all the gains in quitting rather than any perceived loss and has really helped me.

Health wise I have had a bit of a sore throat the last couple of days and have been coughing up some gunge. But better out than in, I guess. I wouldn't say I have craves now, just occasional thoughts but I quickly disperse them with memories of the smell and my hacking cough.

I love the freedom. I don't have to check how many cigarettes I have or make endless visits to the cashpoint. I am very partial to my smoke-free life.

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  • Welcome to week 3 Ellie. Keep staying positive.

  • Thanks, Mark.

  • good going

    Keep it up ellie your doing great :)

  • Sounds like things are going well for you!..

  • Ellie. What a lovely post. So very happy for you :)

  • Popping in to say hello. I am just back from a weekend in Scotland. I was tempted to have a puff at the pub on Saturday but the urge passed quickly and I was relieved to wake up the next morning knowing I had not succumbed to the crave. I did eat too much but I will get back on track with my eating from tomorrow.

  • Well done Ellie. You seem to have this quitting lark licked! Good for you. Glad you enjoyed your weekend without smoking.:)

  • Oh my, today was so hard. I have been sailing up until now and today was the day of the demon craves. So many arguments going on in my head. 'Just one, it won't hurt'. You get the picture. I worked through it but it was tough.

    Good news on the homefront, though. My dh had a GP appointment for antibiotics for an infection. He arrived home from work with the antibiotics and nicotine patches and an inhalator! He has one cigarette left then he is going to stop smoking. Fingers crossed it works out for him. It will certainly make things easier for me.

    I think I will head off for a swim soon and try shake off the day.

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