it takes you by suprise

so hello all. am not on here much. so busy with my new baby who is almost 6 months already!!

anyway im quit now for 2 and a half years and two nights ago i had the "i want a ciggie" feeling:eek:...what????where did that come from???

im on a diet to lose my baby weight and im stressed between working and taking care of a baby and my bratty 12 year old and hubby not understanding ANYTHING!! LOL

i came to my senses of course and remembered just how hard i worked to quit and how awful i felt when i was smoking. first time this happened to me in a long time....but i am strong and want to stay smoke free and i will. love to all and hope you are succeding in your your quest to get rid of this nasty habit! im a quitter and i always will be!!:cool:

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  • As usual on this forum similar questions come and go..:)


  • As usual on this forum similar questions come and go..:)


    Thanks for that it helps knowing that it happens to other's and not just me.:)

  • hey hello stranger

    baby 6 months already , wow , time just goes to quickly

    I have the odd 'moment' where I kinda miss the crutch smoking gave me but like you I just shake it off easily because I have come to far to go back

    well done IAQ


  • Hey young lady :) so good to see you posting and wow 6 months old already dont seem 5 mins ago when you announced you was pregnant :eek: how quickly the time flys by

    loved reading your post Austin and have to say that yep i still get those odd weird thoughts of smoking but know for sure that what i think i will experience if i was ever to smoke is a fantasy as i know i would be coughing retching and thinking wtf :eek:

    its easier to just acknowledge when i have a thought like that and then smile :D:D:D because its not going to happen im in that wonderful NOPE club and i intend to be a life long member :)

  • thank you all for your glad to see all of you still here and thanks to all. NOPE club for sure:D

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