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Greetings all and thank you :)


Well ive been sitting on the sidelines watching the ups and downs of you guys and wanted to say a big thank you to all of you.

Im on day 30, cold turkey, no slip ups puffs or licking old backy crumbs off my desk ;)

Its been a hard journey, for me the first week was the easiest, the withdrawal symptoms were the worst but my resolve was the highest. As time passed I could feel my body repair and I guess the biggest problem has been what to do with all this new found energy.

My libedo is as high as what is was when I was a teenager, but as ive been married 24 years the chance of relief are next to none (hurry up xmas!!)

My skin is dry, I been through the stop spot stage.

Ive suffered the insomnia and the munchies.

But 30 days on, all is settling and I feel good, but I have to admit, I think if it was'nt for your stories I would have failed at week one, so a big thank you.

Now.... anyone on the forum want to assist with the libedo/energy issue ;) (if my wife is reading this, im joking of course..... or am i?)

Keep on trucking all, if your just sstarting the quit, it really is worth it, just drink plently of water and i mean plenty, keep a bottle with you!!

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Oooo flipping heck I hope my libido comes back after a month as mine has been awol for about 2 years now - looked under the sofa, the beds, behind cabinets, in the shed and still can't find it, even rummaged through my knicker drawer and the blighter wasn't hiding in there either!!!

My hubby would love for my libido to be one of the side effects of me packing up rather than just the narky missus he seems to have inherited at the moment!


Hi John hope you are doing ok and that your wife has not removed your labido thing for u :D I am also a CT and think its the best way to go, also we agree on the water as well if u look at my cig oops freudalant slip meant sig:rolleyes:, Im glad you have found the forum has given you some support and that it has helped to sustain your quit 30 days and going strong by the sounds of it, I wouldnt have survived without it, as for the labido thing dont think my OH would appreciate it either lOL xxx

well done john

A big welcome & day 30 is just brill :)

Well done John, sounds as though you're doing just great. It's good to hear other peoples experiences through their quit isn't it, makes you feel more normal.

Keep at it and I hope you enjoy all that renewed energy you found (though details may not be absolutely necessary :eek:).

Lorraine :)

Good Job! Cod turkey, :eek: oh man. You are tough.

Good Job! Cod turkey, :eek: oh man. You are tough.

Not so much, Yaman. Speaking as another CT person. Whatever works for you and results in a successful quit is the important thing not to lose sight off. Having said that, eventually we all stop using what ever initial help and take on the CT aspect.

The main thing is to get yourself through from one position (smoking) to the next (non-smoking). The grass isn't greener on the other's just your experience and you getting through.

What does do a lot of help is reading and educating yourself on what's happening to you as you go through that transition. Read up on information contained in various members signatures. That is the key to a successful quit. Oh, and possibly a good rant every now and again :)


PS: John, you're stop sitting on the side lines, leave your wife alone for a minute or 2 and come and post and join in :)

Ew......:eek::eek: this time of the morning, I'll wait until I have had a cup of tea :D. Welcome, so glad you decided to post, it will help you stay on the straight and narrow......we Jamangie will :D. I am glad the stories have helped you, I have also found them to be a great source of encouragement. Good luck with your where did I put that libido :D


Im still here and watching from the sidelines, ;).

Its no more tougher to go CT than with NRT, when you look back at the actual (i mean real physical, actual, painful??) withdrawal symptoms, there arnt really any are there??

The problem is all in the mind and thats with or without 'nico-crack', i believe people still get moody when giving up with NRT.

I strongley believe water is the key, its cheap (at the moment anyway), readily available, calorie free, helps flush out the nico-crap and most importantly, opposed to tea, coffee, after-sex (b.t.w i still smoke after sex, but now its just the result of friction ;).. ) i don't know anyone who associates having a cold glass of water with a fag, anyone??

Im not saying its easy, but its not really that painful is it?

It does take will power and everyone should be congratulated for giving up for anything longer than 2hrs, you will feel better, then worse, then better and better for it.

Anyone want to help me off my soapbox?


you make me laugh

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