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This time I will do it

Now fast approaching 60 and have smoked since I was 12 or 13. No excuses, just thought it was the 'in' thing to do and got hooked. :confused: Very simple thing getting hooked but the difficult part is setting oneself free! :)

Went cold turkey in early March and find it very easy for nearly 2 months but then, don't ask cos I don't know, started smoking again and now back on 20 to 25 daily.

Health is my main reason for quitting with the money saved being a bonus which will hopefully mean that I can retire early but as cigs are a contributory factor in less oxygen in the blood then health has to be the first and foremost reason.

Intend going cold turkey again as have tried nrt and e-cigs both of which I found made me want a proper ciggie more so have tried to put a plan into action but time will tell if that is successful or not.

Monday, 15th July, is the day I have had in mine mind for a while so, whatever the reasoning behind that may be, that is the start of my trek to a smoke free life.

I intend doing everything in my power to ensure that this time not only will I be successful but that success will carry on, and on, and on.

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Welcome Buttons, good luck with it when the time comes. I've done it so far cold turkey (because I was ill when I stopped, not because I am clever!) so I know that can work, but whichever way you do it, use this forum, it's a great aid, it's got me past a year :)

And congrats on three weeks Debbie ;)


Thank you

Thank you both very much - your kindness is very much appreciated.

As far as champix goes, have heard both good and bad reports and should I be struggling in a weeks time I have a docs appointment so will discuss the pros and cons with her and see what she has to say. :eek:

As I have done cold turkey before albeit not totally successfully having found this site, perhaps the combination of the two will make the champx not necessary/required. :)

Time will tell but hopefully I can keep posting my progress which will be an incentive to carry on NOT smoking and you never know by helping myself with posting perhaps others will be helped as well.

Thank you again both very much and stay strong and smokefree.


Hi Buttons, you said you had tried NRT but did you try the patches? I tried to go CT but had to admit defeat and the patches helped enormously.


Thank you

Unfortunately yes I did try the patches but the irritation and inflamation that they caused made it impossible for me to carry on using them.

I am pleased though that they worked for you but perhaps my doc may come up with something that is suitable for me - one lives in hope!

Long may you continue to be strong and thanks again.


If you wave the patches around for about a minute they don't itch. They drove me mad before I read about it on here and I also had big red patches when I removed them. I don't know why the manufacturers can't put it on the packet as it seems to affect so many people and the solution is so simple.

Good luck


Thanks again

Way to go - will definitely try and see if it works - hopeful and will let you know.

Thanks again.


I found the nicorette patches were the best. Unfortunately my doc gave me niquitin so I shopped around and tried a few. I think Boots are the itchiest. Hope it works for you:)


Thank you

:D So do I!!!


Good luck for tomorrow Buttons, we are all rooting for you x


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