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Well here I am a month later, I'm not going to say ' well I never thought I'd make it to this benchmark' because I had every reason to when I decided to quit ( don't misinterpret that as being c o c k y but when I decide to do something I forge ahead).


Its odd in a fantastic and I mean FANTASTIC way that ciggies, the smell any element of them have absolutely no emotional connection with me.

Eg Thursday, very drunk, warm sunny evening, 5 of us, 4 smokers and me.sitting outside them smoking away and me not even registering it, not caring not craving.

Yesterday went shopping with a mate, I was the driver, he smokes in my car and said does it tempt me , I said no at all, I no longer associate myself with that habit.

I feel very happy, I feel clean, my weights dropped as I'm able to run more and push myself more. I eat far more fruit, my skins lost that washed out look, my morning cough is no more, I'm 200 quid up, I make far more use of my time, basically its changed me.

Now you may ask Do you still get the thought of ciggies entering your mind?

Off course I do, buts its for a few seconds then gone, its like a past memory which comes in then goes out, nothing more nothing less.

Anyway just wanted to share this to anyone who's quiting, I WAS THAT MAN WHO SMOKED IN THE RAIN ,SNOW, STORM, anywhere anytime, its was the most enjoyable and important part of my day for 20 PLUS YEARS! I did it, so what's stopping you?



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That's great Baly!!! Love your positive attitude!:D


Thank you for sharing, I hope to be saying all that myself soon :D I know I will get there as well. well done xx


Isnt it a great feeling , a real great proud feeling, when you have had maybe one or two libation than is good for you and you still DON'T have a smelly cigarette!! :D:D

But I do have to ask, if you have done so very well, which you have, why do you let someone smoke in your car, making you and your car smell and then you breathe it in, even if the window is open? Just curious? xxx


Cheers all :),

regarding the car thing, well I suppose its the same as me sitting with my friends at the pub, they smoke I don't, I like their company so I choose to be a passive smoker when I'm with them ( once a month ).

I really don't want to start tutting or showing any signs of judgemental dissaproval when they smoke or if they need one in my car, I know from experience how ciggies are so I just chill and let them be.


I'm glad the quit is going well for you! Keep it up!;)


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