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No Smoking Day
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OMG! Look at this 11 Months down -1 to Go

I have been quit for 11 Months, 4 hours, 15 minutes and 37 seconds (335 days).

I have saved £1,620.93 by not smoking 5,698 cigarettes.

I have saved 1 Month, 15 hours and 44 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 24/10/2010

Well here i am, 11 months in and can i believe it, NO I CANT. Only 1 month to go, YES 30 days and i will be at that first year. OMG how cool is that. ;)

Yesterday i had the shock of my life, my son was knocked down by a car after school, the ambulance came, we went to hospital, nothing broken but bruises and pain but did i want a cig NO.

Anyhow good luck one and all where ever you are with your quits.

Life is so much better as a non-smoker and i thank god that my son is ok and that the stress did not make me reach for one. :)

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Couldn't agree more.....congrats and keep going!!:D


well done you!!

i can't even imagine being able to smoke 5698 cigs!!!! but of course that was what we all did, crazy! does 11 months feel great? will 12 feel better, oh yes!!! :)


WOOHOO!! Eleven months! That's an AMAZING achievement. And you've been so brilliant on this site, you deserve to be doubly proud.

Sorry to hear about your son's accident. Thank God he was OK. And well done you for getting through a traumatic experience without being tempted to break your quit.

Congratulations, NN, save a seat for me in the penthouse xxx


Thank you everyone

I have said this before and i will say it again if it was not for this site i would not be where i am now. You have all been amazing and helped me through the bad times and the really bad times.

I never for one minute thought i could stop, this time last year i was trying to cut down and then it just clicked that i did not want this anymore. It was not easy and i know i used champix for only 10 days but that helped me to stop initially the rest was achieved with all your support.

Anyhow i have to pinch myself when i say i have the 11 months under my belt, when the first year is done my countdowns and milestones will all change but i will still be around.

My son is not too bad now bless him, His poor right elbow is nasty what with swelling and bruising but he is resting with his brother and just being a good boy. I am so lucky you know god forbid if anything more serious had happened, the thoughts that crossed my mind were well you can imagine but my baby is ok thank goodness and as for those nasty cancer sticks nah they are not part of my life anymore.

Good luck one and all xx


A very big well done, you are an inspiration to all of us, nearly a year!

So glad your son is ok that is the main thing he wasn't hurt to bad.

I am now over 7 months and if it wasn't for people like you on this site I would not be where I am now.

Roll on a year, keep a seat for me in the penthouse!

Take care.



You're right NN, not long to go now, eleven months free of the slavery is bloody great and the way you and many others on here have supported each other deserves reward. Glad the laddo is ok too. David


Well done Jo!!!

You're on the final run now... Can you believe it???



Just a quick line to say...........well done!!! The Penthouse awaits, see you there in 5 months time:)


yeeeehaaaa well done


Brilliant, Jo - well done


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