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Quit cigs...become an alcoholic!

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I seem to have jumped out of the frying pan & into the fire...I've managed to quit smoking but my alcohol consumption is through the damn roof which is not a good thing when you've got high cholesterol...then there's the fact that my back's done one of its specials & now I'm on ****** painkillers too. These are the times I wonder what the feckin point is (yes, I've heard it all before...lung cancer, high blood pressure, blah blah, all of that stuff) but right now, a cig would be great. Yes, I've done brilliantly, yes, I've achieved so much but there are times when I just want to say 'f**k it all, where's my cigs'! :mad:

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your back would still be bad whether you smoked or not. back pain is a shxt and depressing, just try and chill out, take the pain killers and dont give in to something that does naff all for you xxxxx

Hey Sophie hun. Sorry to hear your a bit down my lovely. I totally understand where your coming from & i sometimes get them moments of 'sod it'. You know all too well as your always helping me & giving me positive support.

Well now its my turn. Do not think that way. You know you have got this far and deep in your heart you know you want to & need to stop smoking. Why undo all your hard work? You know its a little moment that your having right and that if you did have a cig, the nicodemon, ratbag monster has won and then you'll be sitting there kivking yourself.

You are strong and for now you probably feel low because of your back pain. Try ease of on the alcohol and drink some juice/water anything, herbal teas???

I'll check in again later but i hope your ok and will feel better soon


Hope your feeling a bit better this morning xx

Awww, sorry to hear that you're having a rough time of it Sophie and I hope you've managed to hang in there! :)

How are you feeling today? x

Hi I hope that you haven't taken up with that dreaded weed again, he want help, he is a real weirdo and only goes out with you when you are feeling weak, as for the drink I am sure you are not an alcoholic in reality, just feeling that you maybe need something else to help you through the bad times.

Try and get to talk to some one if you are really struggling, we are not all iron man we often need help to get us through and there is no shame in asking:)

as for the cholesterol if you find a way to lower it without starving yourself let me know, I think it rises after we quit, only my opinion though.

Bloomin' heck, Jamangie! It's been a while since we last chatted...2 years, I think, lol! No, not slipped back again this time. Hope you're well

LOL yes its about that, where does the time go its frightning, I have been quit over 3 years now and the last 2 years have just gone.

I think this quitting lark takes up too much of our time :eek::eek::D:D:D

I think this quitting lark takes up too much of our time

Damned right...good to here from you...thought I was the only twisted one here this time! So glad you're still here...you're inspiring me to...er...yeah, you're inspiring! :D;):D

So long as I am inspiring you to do something inspirational then that's oK if its something erm a little risky then don't do it, I am so glad the summers here at last, this is what quittings all about, being able to smell nice and smell nice :rolleyes:

erm a little risky then don't do it

Moi? Do something risky? Nay, nay & thrice nay! (Well...not unless I could get away with it) I'm such a naice person, of cawse, dahling! :D Can't you see my halo? :rolleyes:

Yes I can see it but its definitely not above your head any more, its shimmering round your feet, come on be honest you are not a good girl any more, just going to take the car for a spin before the weather changes back to winter ;)

Lol, as if I ever was so saintly! Have fun in the car ;)

Got as far as out the fron t and a ****** pigeon has whoopsied on my roof so had to clean it, going to have another go in a bit, have been burning rubbish I love fires :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I love fires

Hmmmm....no comment...just...possibly pyromania has taken over from your urge to smoke, methinks? Lol! :D

Now what would give you that idea :eek::eek::eek::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Great isnt it, all I need is a bottle of wine mmmm heaven

Pmsl....I can hear Arthur Brown's 'Fire'


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