6 weeks 3 days. And now I want one

I have not had any problems at all, so far. I knew that if I had a craving it would soon pass. So why, today, do I want one so badly? My son fell and split his lip and broke his front tooth, when he was drunk. So stressful and feel so sorry for him. He's 19. Had to take him to hospital at 5.30 am. I've been doing so well. This came out of nowhere. How can it hit me after so long?

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  • Hey Janet, could just be a situational trigger, have you had much to deal with since you quit or is this the first sort of problem you've had to sort out?

  • Nah

    Always loads of problems to sort - work in the voluntary sector, always been able to deal with it. Don't know why this particular problem has bothered me. He's done similar in the past few weeks.

  • Think Angrybear's got a point :)

    You've had a right stinker of a day and tat's going to be teating for you.

    But you know smoking isn't going to make anything better :)

  • thanks

    I'll take lots of deep breaths and hope for the best x

  • I'll take lots of deep breaths and hope for the best x

    You can get there!! Stay with it even though it's horrible :) x

  • Well as long as you haven't had a fag I suppose it doesn't make any odds, six weeks is still reasonably early; my week four was bad! Well done for posting, just sorry I can't be helpful in my replies :o

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