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I`m A Nan And Finish Week 6 2day.

Hi All

Just to let everyone know my daughter had her baby boy at 00.20am on thursday 19 th july. Weight 9lbs 5ozs.

She was in labour for 25 hours and baby Daniels shoulders got stuck. Trauma team came and got him out. He had to be resusitated and put on oxygen.

He went to intensive care . He is doing really well now. He has had two brain scans and everything looks ok.He might be allowed home Sunday.

Daughter is fine. Gas and air and one shot of pethadine. She was so brave.

I could have really smoked but have not caved in. 6 weeks yeah.

Hope everyone is ok

Barb xx

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Hi Babs,

I'm honoured to be the first to be able to congratulate you on your fantastic news.



Congrats Barb

I became a Nanna for the first time in March, it's wonderful but a little weird (I'm only 41, don't feel ready yet!! Does anyone ever feel ready???)

Well done on not smoking, double the celebration!:D


Oh congratulations, thats fab news!!:D


Congratulations Barb,

my word - no wonder he had a little trouble entering our (smokefree) world! How traumatic for you all - you must be so proud of your daughter - and yourself for not allowing the stress to cave in and smoke.

all the best


Congratulations to you and you're daughter.:D

Hope all is well!



Morning to everyone

Daniel has just been moved to low dependancy unit.He is doing really well.

First day of week 7 2day.I cant believe i havn`t smoked.Nearly had one last night , i thought it would calm my nerves after all the worry of Daniel.

I got through it though and feel good that i didnt have one just for the sake of it.

Onwards and upwards.

Barb x


Barbs Congrates to you all thats great news so glad hes ok love to you all Linda xxx



So glad baby Daniel is doing well after a bumpy ride into the world, well done you for not smoking under so much stress and your daughter for all the hard work she did.:)


Welcome to the world little Daniel.:o


Oh Barb!!!

I am sooooooooooo glad to hear that x x xx x x

What a whopper! Oh my god!

That is amazing! poor daughter x x she did so well to hang on 25 hours!! I could never imagine that! oh she is special xx you must be so proud!

I was worried when i didnt hear x xx

I just want to say, i do not want to sound out of line, to your daughter, as a young mum. That she has done so well, being a mum is such a unique experience as is giving birth (she did so well 25hrs of labour! :eek: )

x x she doesn't have to show any more than any one else because of her age. Being a mum for the first time is an experience that no one can ever explain to you nor can everyone do it perfectly, there is no right or wrong way. Only mummies way, age means nothing nothing at all x x x mummy is always right x x

It may not be so hard now days maybe more accepted i don't know, i am just handing that advice as my own learning curve and hope it is taken in the way that i intend from my heart.

I am so glad to hear from you x x well done to you for staying strong too x x

~Buffy x x


HI Barb

I am off on holiday 2moro so would like to say you must be over the moon I know I was when my granchild was born its like nothing on earth. You must give him a BIG KISS from me and one to the very proud mum very well done you are a star not smoking you must of been so worried and you feel like your hands are tied. Lots & Lots of Love to all the happy family and welcome to baby Danial Love Linda xxxx



Barb, congratulations on becoming a Nan, I became grandma again a few weeks ago, 5th grandchild, little girl, I feel better holding her now that I am smoke free, well done for not giving in. I was 43 when my first grandchild was born and no you are never ready for it.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


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