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Yeah for Sunflower Seeds

:)Day 18.... I think today might actually be the first day I feel proud for not smoking. I think today might be the first day I believe I might kick this thing. I do still have the constant cravings but if I have gone this long without a smoke - I think I might be winning. Kicking nicotines ****! I don't feel as depressed - but I am a grouch.:mad: I know all of this will pass - and I welcome some sense of normalcy with open arms when it decides to show up. All I know is today I am a better person for not smoking.

I thank God for sunflower seeds and ask he give my partner the patience to put up with my grouchiness. And I thank all of you for welcoming me into your group.:D Oh and cinnamon sticks...I can't forget those. I am thankful for cinnamon sticks.

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That's great that you are feeling proud - and so you should!!! Well done!!!



Hello Melzee,

What a straightforward and positive post. Well done on your journey so far.

You could do a lot worse than nibbling on Sunflower seeds - good for you - that should at least benefit your heart and nerves amongst other things!! You could share some of your cinnamon with your partner if your grouchiness becomes intolerable - I hear that the Romans used it as an aphrodisiac :D.

Keep Strong and Stay :cool:,

Smile X :)

Who knew cinnamon was such a great spice!!! :o


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