8 months baby.. yeah!!

Hello all,

looked at my quit counter the other day and was happy and surprised to see over 8 months on the clock..

Sachmo - Free and Healing for Eight Months, Four Days, 13 Hours and 42 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 29 Days and 23 Hours, by avoiding the use of 8630 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £726.50.

Once again I have to say I don't even notice the old fags anymore, except to think how sad, or how smelly they are.

Keep on with it guys.


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  • congrats, Sachmo...

    Really good to see you doing so well :D

  • Hi Sachmo :D

    8 months is brilliant



    Marg xxxxx

  • Well done 8 months some fab work. CONGRATS xxxxx

  • Hi Sachmo

    Wow 8 months, brilliant, well done. I look forward to that day and I like the bit you say about hardly ever thinking about fags.

    Keep going.


  • Another one going through! Its great to see! Craves have diminished at three months, can't wait them to diminish even more! Congratulations!

  • Well done you that's great @ 8!



  • Cheers guys

    Hopefully it will be helpful to some of you to know that it gets better. This forum was a really big help to me in the first few months so i hope for any of you struggling it will be motovating to know that it gets much much better, I cant get too cocky yet though as I am still 4 months away from the penthouse....I think I can see the door now though...



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