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Yeah 1 month!

I dont care if its not an official 1 month but this is my 5th week and I am ecstatic! I also went all day yesterday without the inhalator but I have brought it with me to work today because I am not that brave quite yet!

I have had no cravings but have had the sleepless nights and eating too much, however, over the weekend I have developed a sore throat, started to feel phlegmy, bleeding gums and a gawd damn awful taste in my mouth - Oh Joy!!!!

I feel on top of the world!!!!!:D:D

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Well done to you! We can count it just how we want!!! I am so pleased there are still so many of us febbers still here. Well done for ditching the inhalator yesterday. I am sure if you take a deep breath and believe in yourself you can ditch it forever! If not, who cares, you have still quit!! Sounds like a cold to me. xxxx


Good going its great to be counting in months :D


Wel done Dragon,

One month for myself aswell.

WooooooooooHoooooooo :D

I too am having sleepless nights but not as much as in the beginning and my eating habits are starting to settle down, so now thinking of going on a diet and exercising more (mind you I am only thinking of :rolleyes:)

I hope all the other Feb team are doing fine.




feeling low

hi all feb quitters,

not posted much cos have been feeling so low cant stop crying .

one month tomorrow and feeling worse wonder if this will ever leave me and will i ever be happy the silly part about it is i dont want a cigarette so why am i crying. also cant motivate myself to do anything and just dont want to get out of bed in the mornings did anyone else go through this x


YES YES and YES! From the start of week three all the way through to week four was the worst week for me. I was crying and so sad because I wanted to smoke but I didn't want to if that makes sense! Marg and a couple of the others said the 3's were the worst. In the weeks before I was mainly up and happy, cooking pies and stuff. Week three had me sat on my arse all week. Try not to let it bother you. Its nearly over. You are doing brilliantly. Once you come through this the sun will shine again. xx


Hi Nannacarol,

Try and find some of my posts from just over a week ago and you will think I was a gibbering wreck!. Posting today, I didnt feel too good either and sometimes I feel like its not going to go away - I've been more down than up for the last 3 weeks.

However, you will see a difference from last week to this. No longer a gibbering wreck, just a miserable git!

I felt better on Saturday by reading, and if you google things like nicotine addiction it brings up other sites that state depression is a side effect of quitting.

It doesn't feel like it sometimes but it will get better. I know I feel better than I did last Monday -- at least able to keep dry eyes so far (!).

Why dont you have a good old rant on here? We're all in the same boat. Stay positive x



Hiya Team Mates

It's great reading these posts (not laughing at the poor me's ones) as far as I've read it does get better, we want it now though don't we. Never mind let's all keep plodding on and before we know it we'll be starting the third month, which for me was just a dream not so long ago. I've been feeling a bit rough today but it was my own fault, so I must do as I'm told. Love to you all. Davidxxx


You are allowed sympathy token bloke. Thats what this is all about despite all of the ribbing. I honestly think there is a wobbly period where you have stopped applying all of your efforts on the quit and it can start to slip and then you worry you are starting to slip down the slippery slope. All those later posts from others tell us it does become easier.I hope that next month it starts to become more second nature. Park Drive. A man after me old dads heart!


thanks for the support

i dropped my patch last wednesday to 15mg and havent been using inhalator much wonder if my body adjusting to the less nicotine but having more lows now will be seeing my nurse on wednesday see what she says. thanks for listening to me speak soon x ps. feel bit better than i did earlier x


Hi nogarD :D

1 whole month that's wonderful hope you're proud of yourself the sore throat etc are all part of quitting I'm afraid but they don't last long and are well worth it to be free keep up the good work




Hi Nannacarol :)

I am so sorry you feel low but this will pass I promise very soon but I am afraid it is all part of the fight to be free

Almost 1 month done now and soon you will feel better the only way is up

You say you dropped your patch to 15mg and haven't needed your inhalor much that's good well done and it could be your body adjusting to less nicotine as you say just hang in there you can do this




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