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So yeah, day 22


Ok, so I haven't posted for a while, it's day 22 and yeah I am pleased, but kind of bored of it all now.

At the start I was 100% committed to my quit, and still am I guess, as I've not smoked. Yet.

As most of you know I quit last January and lasted 18 days. Anyway since reaching a kind of goal I set myself, everything has changed.

I can't see this quit lasting and secretly don't want it to. I am literally waiting for something to happen that gives me an excuse to jump in my car and buy some cigs.

Will continue reading posts and threads for encouragement.


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No, Rustler, don't allow those sorts of thoughts to take a hold! :(

Day 22 is SO impressive. You're nearly at the end of your first month and if you can hold onto this it won't be long before all those nasty, difficult times will be in the distant past. You don't really want to do it all again?

I think you're looking for a reason not to lose this quit just as much as you're looking for a reason to blow it out, otherwise you wouldn't have posted. So, on the presumption that I'm right, you DON'T have permission from me to smoke so there. :)

Hope this is just a passing thing and that you're feeling better about everything very soon. I do understand about it having become boring- I think we all experience that once the initial buzz of quitting has passed- but if you're going to be in for the long haul you've just got to learn to do what Tracey talked about earlier, which is just get your head down and carry on.


Remember day 1 or day 2 or........

You really don't want to go there.

You know that if you give in you will have to go there and it took so much effort to get through to this point

It's like being in a maze, do you really want to go back to the beginning, knowing full well you will strive to get round this corner.

Be strong


Well, we are all on this forum as guidance to our quits and I for one need this forum to assist me. You ARE DOING BRILLIANT, :cool: but please just keep going, it's just so horrid when mr NICO is there in our mind, but he will go with time. That's the problem with addiction it hangs around us like a Nasty fog.

You know you want to quit please just keep going , hang in there, we can do this.:o

Maybe read some long term quitters posts, from there early quits, and yes they have made the penthouse, you can to:cool:


I'm on day 22 too and I know how your feeling. The first week was actually fairly easy for me, then the enthusiasm waned a little and some days have been a struggle, but I keep reminding myself why I quit, and how I smelled, how much money I spent, how breathless I had become and I then feel more resolute. We are heading for the first month, want you to be there with me. I am sure these feelings will pass. You can do this


Good point there. You can't let Crochety down now, can you Rustler? You two are quit buddies. :)


Ok Mr. put on your big boy pants now!!!! :mad:

I am not smoking today and neither are you.

There..... did that work? :mad: The mean face?


I'm bored with my quit too, on day 27. I suppose we just have to keep going what's the point of going through all that for nothing?


So the quit is boring?

And WHAT exactly is so interesting about smoking? I mean what aren't you doing because you're not smoking, apart from the obvious :D

I get the bit about waiting for a reason to start smoking again - get that out of your head cus all that does is move responsibility away from you and onto someone or something else - not fair are setting yourself up to fail, don't go there!!!

You are doing really well, be proud - bank the savings and spend them on something that really is interesting - smoking just isn't :p

Good luck and remember to keep on checking in



Thanks for all your replies. I know exactly what you are all saying.

I havent smoked tonight and don't intend on doing so, although I have never wanted a fag so much - it would be a waste of 22 days if I did, but hey only I can make that decision.

Speak soon.


Rustler there are lots of people who feel exactly the same as you, who are trying to stop smoking.

Including me. It's a good job that I am really skint and can't even afford to smoke this month LOL.

That's why it is so difficult to stop smoking. That feeling is awful but it must wear off eventually surly



@intercity... isn't it great when fate lends you a hand.:D

I had an horrendous March financially and it certainly helped me that I wasn't smoking. I have noted down how much money I would have spent though and plan to spend it when I'm back on an even keel.

£160 is mine to blow when it's actually in my bank account! :cool:


Well said Sue.

I'm on my 26th day and have already saved ( not saved but not spent ) £159.87 and not smoked 406 death sticks.

Like you said when I can afford it I'm going to spend all that lovely money on something special



You are doing so well, its just one day at a time. however, it is going slower because you are thinking about it.

Find something else to do with your hands, build a model aeroplane, get out into the garden and take your frustations out on the weeds. If you dont have a garden, you can come use mine.



Just found my last post, if only I had carried on!

Been back on the fags for 27 days now and will have to go though all this again!

Until then, adios.



Hopefully it will be third time lucky for you :)


Come back soon Rustler :)

Sorry it didn't work out last time but I am glad to hear that you're determined to have another shot at it. When you're ready we'll all be still here and rooting for you. You'll be on Day 28 before you know it. :)


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