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plodding on

Hi All,

Not sure what's going on but have constant desire to smoke. Life is quite stressful but on the whole nice stressful - selling up and moving on - so this may be the problem - trying to make life changing decisions without my 'old friend' - I find hard. Still need to find a substitute that will give me that trigger to relax.

Smoking has been part of my life for 40 years and hard to let go - don't feel horrified by smoking just don't do it anymore but boy do I miss it.

I know in the longer term it will be better - so hanging in - sorry no great wonderful transformation story as yet!

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Hi Trish :)

A lot of people have got a bit like that around 3 months, it's odd but it deifnitely gets better - and of course moving is stressful so that's bound to be a bit of a trigger.

Well done for sticking with it :)


Know exactly how you feel, I always feel like something is missing, but I don't exactly crave but do feel a little lost sometimes. Not going to give in though as I am sure this will pass in time. Just hang on in there


I can relate to what you say Trishh, I miss smoking but then after so long, we're going to aren't we? Main thing is staying strong in your quit and you're doing that so good on you :D


You Are Doing iT Smoking Takes But Gives 0

Hey Trish analyse a bit more its skin deep at best smoking was never really a

friend just something you did that damaged your health and wealth.

Moving on you no longer feel the need to purposely damage your health and wealth.

I feel the desire to smoke also at times but know it may give me a temporary high for the potential long term ill health effects.

Couple of things that keep me strong

when we go to bed , do we smoke as we sleep : answer no we dont need to smoke

when we travel say 10hr flight do we manage : answer yes so why smoke


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