No Smoking Day

Kids! Who'd 'ave 'em!!

They have stressed me out big time and since learning today that my ex is smoking once more (he hardly stopped, it turns out! :mad:) I feel like going to the shop now to buy some fags! Only friggin' stopped 'cos of him. And now that my kids have seriously stressed me out I think I need a fag to keep my sanity!

I think I will buy ten and smoke em all. Start again with my quit tomorrow. Well, if I am in the right frame of mind, that is. I'm fighting something that will ultimately beat me in the end anyway so why fight it? Darn, I was doing so well today too. Was on a right high (had a good day) and now, after my rant at the kids, all I want is a cig.

Team, I guess I'm gonna be booted out aren't I?! :o

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Oh ignore that post. I'm not gonna buy some cigs. I've just had a word with myself and I am not mad or angry or p'd off or down in the slightest. Nope. I'm deliriousy happy!!!

Don't know WHAT came over me!

Ignore ignore ignore! :cool:


Well done Maddy, you do have to feel sorry for smokers don't you?

Fortunately you are a non smoker, remember you are not giving anything up AT ALL, if you were to have a cigarette now YOU WOULD NOT ENJOY IT.


We are ALL behind you.







Maddy don't do it..take it from one who did - and feel AWFUL..

I was driven to it by the so-called "love of my life" - bastard!!

but he didn't put the cigs in my mouth or make me smoke them..

now I have to start again..and I will..:D



Do you really think they are excuses mojo? Honestly?

If you take into the equation that I never planned to stop, just stopped one morning 'cos my then b/f half heartedly asked me to stop with him, (I did want to quit but never found the 'right time'), but also not having a period of time to get my head round quitting like most do, do you not think that is backfiring on me now? Would it not have been better to prepare myself? If only a little bit? I never got a space of time to get ready. I just did it. I also didn't think I would last this long. I didn't think it would be a long lasting thing as we have both tried to quit together in the past. Now, he is smoking again after barely stopping and I feel I have been duped into quitting! Though that is not how it is. He simply succumbed.

oooh but I want a fag!!!

Hear hear that smoking is shit! I can think of a few other choice worlds too!



*wonders if this kinda therapy actually works*




thanks mate.. ive just spat my beer all over the computer screen.. ROTFALMFAO:D

Quality...just quality :D


What better time than now? your days in to your stop now anyway.

If you are talking of having a cig, then that is an excuse, plain and simple, I am not having a go, but its the truth.

You have a choice, yes or no.

Id love you to say no and stay with us.

it will get easier, and you have put a lot of hard work in, so why bother going back.

What happens next is up to you, but if you do smoke, then you are a stinky smoker and I dont want to talk to you :p


I pwomise I will spray LOTS of body spray over me to mask the stinky smell! (and pray that I don't set you off coughing real bad!).


That is SO mean! Point and Laugh?! arrghhh! Noooooooooooo. Anything, do anything at all but NOT the pointy finger thing :eek::eek: lol

Ok I take back any negative thing I said on this thread. It wasn't me. Someone made me say it :o


Maddy, how long have you quit for?


Hey Wobbly, I'm on Day 16. Anyone would think I'm still on Day 1 wouldn't they?! I'm thinking maybe I should've used some kinda quit smoking aid lol


Now look here young Maddy, by day 16 you have all but got over any nicotine addiction, you have done the difficult bit, so stop being a silly girl and get on with the rest of your smoke free life. Goddit?

Now make sure you report back at least twice a day, smokefree.

I found excessive ammounts of self abuse seemed to help:D:rolleyes:

Don't tell the wife though:D


Oooh I like you wobbly, you called me YOUNG :D

*parks butt next to wobbly's*

I know I'm apparently over the nicotine addiction bit, but it doesn't stop me wanting a fag damnit bbooooo

Gimme some more tough talk lol


Two questions Maddy;

WTF has the ex boyfriend smoking got to do with it?

How old are the kids?


Well the ex, I only quit 'cos of him. Consequently, I don't feel I gave myself time to get my head round the idea of quitting :rolleyes: kids, they are between 7 and 10. Lil gits. They have gone back to being model children again *chokes on mint*



Do you want to see them grow up?

Do you want to go to their wedding days?

Do you want to see the grandchildren?



the kids are always gonna be little gits, if you're waiting for them to behave you'll have a long wait.

Speaks the voice of experience - 23 year old and 21 year old sons, do my loaf in every day!!

No time is ever going to be exactly the "right time", there are always going to be stresses and tensions.

But - at the same time there is no time like the present.

Take it a day at a time, or if it's really bad an hour at a time.

Hell - I've been off them since 4 February - I still cannot contemplate that I will never, ever , ever smoke again....Just one day at a time...and with every day it will ease...


Yeah, sure I do wobbly. I dunno, maybe I am just looking for an acceptable excuse to have a smoke. I don't know. I just feel I missed out on preparing myself for this quit, thats all.

Think I'm gonna have an early night and get today done with.

Thanks for your help :)


Well done Maddy, have a virtual hug from the Wobbly one.

This is the most important thing you have EVER done, you're on this forum so you want to do it, just nasty Nic having a final attempt to lure you back.

Night night, and well done, another day over.



Thanks anna. I know what you're saying is right. It just doesn't take alot nowadays for something to ruin my mood. I was on a high earlier! ggrrr Its weird how outside influences can alter your mood so much. Its like you're constantly walking a thin line.

However, tomorrow is another day and it is going to be a great day! Well today was a great day...sure had a great time earlier! Kids just kinda got to me tonight I guess. Anyways, gonna remember today and it instantly makes me feel better :D

Hope you're doing ok now anna. I know you had a tough time of it the other night?


I'm doing grand today Maddy - Saturday was an absolute bugger!

Don't know why, nothing out of the ordinary happened - maybe I was a bit too complacent - don't know??

I've gotten up some mornings and felt brilliant - then at the end of the day, it's been really really tough.

I think it's just the nature of the beast. It's a battle.

But I now know my weak moments - mostly in the evenings, so at least I'm better prepared to fight them.

You will do this maddy.

Don't let "IT" win:)


Hey maddy

Hope you got thru the eve without smokin - i dont know what your argument is about the ex and all that.... seems to me he's the looser, 1, hes ur ex 2, hes a smoker.

You on the other hand are currently a non smoker with numerous lovely, lively healthy children who will make you laugh and cry on a daily basis.

Stop looking for excuses to go backwards, you wont find the answer in a packet of fags, or an ex!!!

Sermon over, sorry love u all dahlinks mwah x (puke)


I have been quit for 2 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 22 hours, 5 minutes and 24 seconds (76 days). I have saved £348.44 by not smoking 1,538 cigarettes. I have saved 5 Days, 8 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/01/2008 00:05


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