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Made it to day 7


I can't believe i made it to day seven. At times I feel like i'll be battling this for the rest of my life. I keep telling myself. "If I smoke I die". Also i keep thinking of the vid i found on here "how to stop smoking for free,forever". I have been using 6 lozenges a day. They seem to be working well, It's amazing how good someone can feel after just quitting seven days ago. Now on to week 2

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Good stuff! If you continue smoking you will die! Believe that with all your heart!

I recently had a discussion with my friend(nonsmoker) but occasionally smokes pots. This was last week and only 3 weeks into my quit. I had told him that its been months since I last smoked pot and that that week I had achieve certain jogging, and running goals and have been doing a lot long distance jogging! During my jogs I would sprint and shift into different speeds and jump around like a jack rabbit. In high school he was a top notch athlete and always had an edge on me, but even he admitted he could not do what I was doing!

Anyhow, the whole point with this conversation with my friend was our fear of being in a tough situation where you need strength, stamina, and power, and endurance in a situation to to get away or at least give yourself the best possible chance at survival. And what I mean by this is.....imagine if you are a gazelle and in a situation where you need your heart, and lungs to get out of a very bad situation. Imagine you were in a situation where you needed to sprint and run, or even slow pace jogging for long distances in a life or death situation. Do you want to be that gazelle(doesn't smoke) at the head of the pack, or that sickly gazelle(smokes) at the end of the pack where the tigers will jump on you, tear you apart, kill you, and eat you alive?

Your decision to stop smoking has given you the extra lung capacity, that extra push of strength and has propelled you to the middle of the pack :)

Gratz! and keep up the good job!

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