Day 5

Hey everyone. I'm new to this site. I've been a smoker for 23years at 20 to 30 cigs a day. This is the second time i have tried to quit. The first time i quit was 16 years ago. I quit for nine months and then bam i went right back. My wife and I quit this time and I am very committed to quitting. I have not had a cig for 5days. I do feel embarrassed and ashamed that I can't quit CT. I currently am using 4mg nicotine lozenges. The directions say to use them whether you need them or not. I have found however that i'm only using 3 or 4 a day. Anyway I am so glad i found this board. I would love to know how to post info under my name.

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  • I'll try that Thanks.

  • Ok. I just changed it.

  • Hi Russell :) Don't feel bad about using NRT, whatever gets you off the nasty sticks has to be good!!

  • Actually i'm feeling pretty good. I just got off the phone with the nicorette people. They told me that i'm using the product wrong and that I should be using them once every 2hours instead of just when i'm having a craving. They said that if i only using them when i'm having a craving that the lozenge will become the cig. I guess i'm going to do what they recommend. I haven't quit for 5 days in a row for 16years and i'm very committed to quitting. I am realizing that if i smoke again I WILL DIE PERIOD no if ands or buts. I am still healthy and active and i want to stay that way.

  • Thanks Max. It's hard to believe day 6 is here.Love this site.

  • Hi, Russell,

    As everyone else has said...don't be embarrassed by your method of quitting...just be proud of the fact you are any means. & don't feel bad about having quit the quit before as so many of us have too...myself several times. Good luck & be proud :D

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