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Why I am quitting!

Hello my name is Hoang,

I have been a heavy cig and pot smoker for 18 years since I was 18. I am 36 now. Anyhow, I am quitting because 7 months ago I decided to go on a 16-20 mile walk, jog, and running daily routine. There is park near my house which totals 4 miles long around. My goal 7 months ago was to run around the entire park without stopping. 7 months ago I weighed 223lbs, smoke a lot of pot, and average 1 1/2 pack of cigs a day. Today I weigh 168 lbs, stop smoking pot (can't remember when I quit), and have been smoke free since April, 15 2013.

To keep a long story short... On April 14,2013 which was the last day I smoked, I ran 2 miles straight. This 2 mile run was the longest I had ran without stopping. That night I woke up several times hacking and coughing. When I woke up the next morning I had the most intense sharp pain in my right lung every time I took a breathe. From that day on I never smoked another cigarette.

Earlier this week on Monday I finally ran around the entire park without stopping. I have ran four miles straight without stopping around this park for 5 consecutive days. I will rest Saturday, and Sunday and start back up again on Monday!

My goal is to increase my run 1/2 a mile each week until I can run 10 miles straight without stopping!

To summarize everything, I pretty much stop smoking because in order to achieve my cardio goal I have to stop! :)

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Yes! I feel awesome! However, the urge for smoking creeps up when I am not out there walking, jogging, running and keeping myself busy :(


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