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i quit!


i keep being angry that i have to quit. i keep looking for something to blame. i'm allergic to the new chemical that keeps the paper from burning; i have a lung infection of some sort and the doctors just keep blaming it on smoking without even looking for another possibility... maybe mold in my house?

the fact is, i haven't been able to breath for 2 months. one day i was fine and the next i know, i'm using a store bought inhaler on the hour every hour. i've been to the doctor 3 times and each time they had the same diagnosis: asthma agrrevated by smoking. a weeks worth of steriods to take down the inflamation later, three times over and i'm again in the same situation. right back where i started! they're obviously misdiagnosing me! i'm young! smoking can't affect me!

nearing the end of my third day i feel a glimmer of hope. maybe it was the smoking after all. too bad it took me two months of suffocation to try quitting... *shrugs* not that i'm ready to run a marathon or even really climb a couple flights of stairs (yes the breathing problem was that bad), but i did take a walk around the block on break today instead of smoking and already there is quite a change!

once i get over being angry that i was forced into this, i bet i'll be pretty happy it happened. i have yet to be really bothered by any serious withdrawal symptoms. a couple of hot flashes and a clammy feeling here and there. i haven't thought of smoking very often at all really, and when i do i take a walk and do some breathing (now that i can!).

good luck to everyone in this boat with me! may you find land soon!

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Good luck

I hope you feel better right soon, and good luck sticking with the quitting. You can do it, we will be with you all the way :)


The rest of me

Woot Hester Mofet!! Way cool x

Anyway back to the point of course there is no safe age to smoke! absurd! smoking is never safe and it's a killer. Sorry x

Brian Curtis was 34 when he died of lung cancer, Noni was 33, Sean marsee was 19 and athletic whyquit.com/whyquit/SeanMar...

I quit because i was too ill to smoke, how you managed to smoke through that inability to breath is beyond me because i couldn't physicaly smoke! after 1 1/2 weeks i could of smoked again, but then i thought why on earth would i want to put myself through all that again!!

Don't be angry, be damn bloody releaved! that you got the idea before it was too late!

Keep up the good work x x

i'm escared!

sweet of you all to encourage...

funny you should make mention of the why quit website... :eek: i used up all the rest of my rage writing an emphatic email to the creators of that website blasting them for using scare tactics! :mad:

that website had the exact opposite of it's intended effect with me! i walked away wanting a cig more than i ever had in my life! yikes!

believe me, i can put together quite a montage of photos and stories warning people of the perils of driving a car sober, or taking a bath without usuing the buddy system, or even bee-keeping! i see scare tactics and it makes me laugh at how biased they are...

i love this website because rather than using 'we died young ' as a motivation to quit, they use 'more money, better health, fresher smell, more energy'. i find it much more motivating to think of the positive effects of not smoking that the negative effects of continuing!:D

he he he... true dat... why quit, right?

i was also very disturbed that if you have a relapse one time you are banned from their community forever! i teach behavior chage and harm reduction and those ideas are completely contrary to most proven behavior change models! than again, you're right. change is individual. whatever works for you.

i'm gone 5 days:p ... you?

ah ha! buffy got the reference! go on girl!

I never mentioned the whyquit website just happened to be where the link was!

not going down that road again today lol I just pulled up a story of someone who did die young not to use scare tactics or any other such i haven't the time or patience to put that much thought into being so self rightious! mearly wanted to point out that 'being to young to quit' is absurd.

I really don't put that much thought or effort into things i don't like, i tend to ignore the crappy stuff

:D unless it's really retro, cheesy or total tack I kinda go for that sometimes :D

Onwards and upwards wearing a :D

Duh Hester! how did it take you so long ;)

The Rest Of ME

as soon as i saw your name i got all excited i recognised you straight away :D

no no no lol no The rest of me is a hester mofet reference

Hehe I could tell you but then i may have to kill you!

Pah sorry really bad time to be here multi tasking nearly flooded my bathroom, potatos have mashed themselves and the kids are running riot! hehe

It's from silence of the lambs hannibal, the rest of me is anagram of hester moffet

got to run door

got hannibal rising on my bedside table but not had chance to read it yet, went to see it at cinema opening night but i got times wrong and missed it :(

-------- i'll be back around 7-8pm if your around i really got to go be mum lol ttfn ----------

Hugs hester n boudee x x x x

the rest of me. - silence of the lambs...

i of course, get stuck on being self righteous about things that affect me so gutterally like pictures of dying people and black lungs. i don't need that stuff to quit! (i hope!)

you know, i didn't mean to target you... just the scare tactics/the website. i guess pictures like that help add fuel fodder once you're pretty set in your new life, but as a beginning ex-smoker it seems to turn me right back around!

i see your point though, the health effects finally took there toll on me in a major way even though i've been denying some minor effects for a few years... by the way! i can breath about 40% better already and am down to using the inhaler about 3-5 times a day!

(i did pick up a long butt out of the can this morning and carry it around while i fed the pups... after about 5 minutes i crushed it over the trash!!! my partner still smokes... new rule: ash trays are gone - butts go into an empty pop can from now on!)


3 kinds, huh?

i got albuterol and qvar... but i've made 3 trips to the hospital in the past 2 months. i've been using my inhaler as oxygen, virtually gasping for breath in between puffs. it never left my hand! i was really surprised; who knew you could break your lungs in less than a week? but true enough, after only 5 days it's obvious that whatever was happening to me for the last few months is directly related to smoking!

i wouldn't notice so much of a difference if i hadn't been suffering from a two month long attack... i'm looking forward to 3 months!

Heya Hester

I didnt feel that you targeted me for one second x x just wanted to clarify why i pulled that up.

who knew you could break your lungs in less than a week?

My lung broke within hours :( just hope it gets fixed and i can do it without having to suffer as much as you guys x x

This was most definitely the tactic that did it for me this quit! :D i am a regular quitter i used many different ways not strongly opinianated about any of them! if you aint smoking the quits working!

I got a thread in that top bit of the forum about quit stories, long and short is, hopefully, Mine aint too broke. Poor Boudee is a long term sufferer from childhood with breathing difficulties so she has always had a lot to deal with there.

But my point is lol finaly she gets to the point! 1 month ago i got chest pain at 10am by 2:30 i couldnt breathe i was coughing up blood and pain awfull! i have given birth naturally 3 times just gas n air and it didn't touch this pain!

more than 4 weeks later i still hurt if i walk more than a short trip to the corner shop or whatever, i had a meeting this morning and had to climb 3 flights of stairs i am suffering for it now my lung is really sore again, i do this really daft twitch thing where i gasp for air at regular intervals >_< well embarrassing lol.

My life is very different at the moment I just thank god that this time i should be able to return to the way i was, i don't want to put myself at risk and end up like this or back on oxygen again for life!

Don't know if it is cos i smoked but guess it didn't help, it was that that decided my next quit date! i got a long haul flight in a couple of weeks so wanted to give up again anyway lol

Not that its been easy or that it should make others stop or that my family should realise for one moment that i have achieved anything because i didn't make a big song and dance about giving up this time because i was too poorly in hospital ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :D Not bitter :D

Ahhhh sorry hester dont know if i have done anything for you there but i don't half feel better!

Sorry for all your lung troubles, having experienced it for the first time i have to say it is probably one of the most frustrating and irratating things to suffer with! never take breathing for granted! 0_o

man, i hate long posts! ignore the above just read the first and last line that's what i do when faced with a post like that :D

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nenad you are not using this forum respectfully!

Please refrain from advertising your site now!


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