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I Quit for 38 hours..(New To Forums)

I quit 38 hours, 7 minutes, 1 second ago.

I experienced an uncomfortable, tight, feeling in my chest and back for the first 24 hours. About 2 cravings(they weren't too intense) After I went to sleep, I had the worst insomia(Woke up at least 10 times during the night).

The next morning I woke up with depression. I basically sat on my bed for 40 minutes straight, staring at the wall. Then I went to work & the depression slowly dissappeared.

Now I'm in my office, I feel alright I guess, just kind of uncomfortable,

I had one intense craving around an hour ago.

I keep drinking cold water, and also I killed the pack of gum I had(for the intense craving I had earlier)

Anyway, I decided to come to this forum and seek help.

I hope I can quit for at least a Month(If anything, for good)

This is my second time quitting, my first Quit Lasted 17 days.

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hi kenny, sounds like a pretty tough first couple of days, but well done for getting through it!! that depression like feeling is actually a good sign in a way, as it shows your brain is free from the effects of nicotine - take a look at it may help you to get through the first week a bit better.

i found that my problem at work in the first week was that i was slower at making decisions, and i just had to rely on my colleagues to help me out when i got stuck...

best of luck with your quit, 5mol<er


Hi Kenny, well done for pushing ahead, at times the quit can seem to almost take every part of your brain function and spin it around, but you must stay focussed. You have been incredibly strong willed so far so keep pushing on.

You're drinking water which is great, fruit juices are good too. Perhaps stay away from caffeine if you drink it. Read up as much info. about the quitting process, for one thing it will occupy your mind and I found it good to know what I was dealing with, rather than spend the time just wishing I would feel better. I could then actively fight it mentally.

Stick with it Kenny, it will get better, don't look at the bit picture, take it one day at a time.

Lorraine :)


Hi Kenny your doing so well!! your right to come on this site, its fantasic!! so much support from everyone. Im on day 8 (which for me is just amazing!!) ha this is my ah, um, ah, i think my 10th quit, or is it more i really cant remember! ha but for some reason im fine, I image when Im having a craving im riding a wave and on the board, and im not falling off the Bl****dy thing!!

Well done kenny your doing so well, keep it up!!




Thank you so much for your words ! I also read the article in your signature. I choose pain too, because i've been through the pain of regret too many times in the past. I don't want to regret anymore.:D


Thank you for your metaphor. I will imagine riding a wave and staying on the bl**dy board too. Hahahaha:p



The website you linked me surely does help. Thank you, and I like your quote in your signature how theres no point to smoke when you get an emotion. I used to light up one each i'm down, angry, tired, depressed, happy, cheerful, excited. etc. etc. No matter what i'm always lighting one up..I realized theres IS no point..:p


44 hours, 43 minutes...Almost day two !!Yeahh!..Also, does the nicotine clear completely from your system after 72 hours?:confused:


Hi goodmorningkenny!

Well done, it sounds like you're having to go through so much! Although everyone seems to experience their quit in different ways just remember that people in day 10 are generally feeling better than people in day 3 - so it DOES get better! As far as I understand it, yes, nicotene leaves your system after 72 hours but be careful because the cravings are still there (for me they were even more intense) and make sure you do everything in your power to NOT GIVE IN. You're much better than that and you've done so well to get this far :)


least you have done 38 hours. I've not even done a full day yet, and it's all i a thinking about. Im just going to come on here each time i feel i need one. I will not be beaten x


Good luck with your quit :)


thanks very much x


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