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Where did that come from?

been sat out in the warm Spanish sunshine this afternoon having a drink and chat with friends and have had the worst cravings ever. After feeling so good last week with hardly any cravings, where on earth did this come from? Anyway I didn't cave in so alls well, but I really didnt expect this. Anyone else felt a strong crave after 10 weeks?

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me too

Im at 10 weeks now and this week im having a lot of cravings and finding it quite difficult.

Hopefully this will pass soon

Stay strong we can do it




The cravings can come and go for a long time, and especially tend to be triggered by association (nice weather, a glass of wine, a good meal, an argument, sad news etc.) though typically they become more spaced apart in time, and less and less intense. The fact is, the situation itself will not change at all. The only thing will be that you have started doing what you desperately wanted to stop.

The key is to understand that cravings might happen, and rather than fighting them, learn to accept them and ride them out until the craving subsides. It will subside given enough time.



I agree with Alex, sounds like a situational one with regards the weather.

I had a small "twinge" after cutting the grass yesterday, classic smoking time that would have been in summers gone by! Having had that one now, I don't expect it to reappear the next time I cut the grass, that's the way these things go for me now :).


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