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Where do I go from here

Today should be week 16, 112 days, 2240 fags not smoked and :)

I blipped on monday, bought 10 scrunched 8 half smoked 2 so:(

I woudnt call it a crave on Monday, it was more like a raving, screaming, get your arse to the shop now and feed me.

I tried to ride it, kept saying the "crave only lasts 5 minutes max so fend it off" 2 hours later , bought 10 and fought it for another half hour then gave in.

I have took some positives from it, wasnt nice, didnt ease my stress and have spent the rest of the week thinking about all the reasons why i dont want to go back to smoking.

I have been here before and if it wasnt for the positive posts on the forum I think i would have caved proper.

As it is I have been kinda ok the rest of the week, had a few more moments of Nic saying go on one more etc etc but ok and clean

I feel Im at the crossroads. Day 113 ahead, Day 4 to the left, or U turn back to the smog

Anyone thinking of ignoring nope - dont do it, wish I hadnt

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Where do I go from here

There is only one way to go and thats to the next day of not smoking.

Look on the positive side. 112 days of not smoking is very good. If you can do that you can get back on your quit and beat the evil weed.

Use it as a learning process. You now have first had experience of having just the one!

Dont look back at what has happened, look forward to being a non smoker.

Stick at it you can win and you will win you are stronger than a bet of old weed.



Hi Andrew,

I think that sam 'raving, screaming, get your arse to the shop now and feed me' demon was on my back today..

I had a few puffs of an e-cigarette which, I think, contains nicotene but the good thing about it is that you don't have what's left in the pack to quandry over.

You somehow found the strength to scrunch the other 8 so I think you have answered your own question...

Forward is where you go x


So, you had a goof up. It's over, can never take that back. So, forget and go forward!! As long as you learned from this it's ok. Now, you know a new trigger for you and you know that the voice in your head is lying to you.

Next time, come on here BEFORE you give in and we will help get you threw the urge and the voices and the bad stuff. We are all in this together and in our own way we are brothers/sisters in arms.....NOPE!!!!! ppat


Thanks for your thoughts and comments. I feel better now I have fessed up and aim to to keep my head down and keep going.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."


Keep going forward Andrew, maybe you needed that to happen so that the next time you feel like that you will have the memory of how crap it was giving in to stop you going there again!! Don't feel bad, think about how many cigarettes you haven't smoked since January, rather than how many you have!!


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