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Day 17

Well I can hardly believe I have made it to week three so seamlessly.

It's been tough on days, but overall positive,

I can now begin to appreciate why I have had a number of unsuccessful attempts in the past. Simply put, I wasn't willing to have an internal battle with myself, and I was actually looking for a difficult situation as an excuse to have a cigarette.

A few years ago I manages to get to four weeks- took my patch off after a week and managed the final three without and NRT. My cat (kitten at the time) got slightly poorly and I decided that was the perfect excuse to buy a packet of cigarettes! How ridiculous!! I have spent over £6,000 since then on buying cigarettes all because my cat got sick!

I have been tested in the last 16 days- emotionally. My thinking now- if I can do this without smoking I'm pretty much a superhero! Then, when I didn't smoke- I actually felt like a superhero and could have easily donned a cape and flew around Chester.

Each day makes me feel proud, confident and really happy. But what I have now is this forum- without a doubt if I'm feeling down or have cravings, there are people on here who make me laugh and give me strength!


Cape is on and I'm ready for day 17!


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Well done Laura!!

It's amazing how much easier it is when your mind's in the right place - know in my previous attempts I was looking for any excuse to have a fag 'cos my mind wasn't *there* but now it's different.

Sorry you had a esting time, but like you say if you get through that without "needing" a smoke (like we ever did in the first place, but you know) then you can do anything!!

Can you teach me to fly too please? :P



well done keep the good work up!


Well done Laura, a good way I look at things is "will my cat still be sick if I have a fag? Will that change anything?" The answer is invariably, "yes it will change in that I will feel worse because on top of having to worry about my poorly cat I will also feel rubbish at having caved in". Practically speaking of course, it changes nothing.

This has helped me no end over the last 11 months; it's a thought process I was taught on this forum. No problem is ever solved or assisted by having a cigarette.

And I have two cats so don't think I don't relate to that!!! :o


Well done LauraJayne... to infinity and beyond :D


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