No Smoking Day
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Day 6 and 7

Haven't hit Day 7 just yet, there's about 50 minutes until then.

Ok so...

I feel like crap.

I want to get angry at my hubby.

I want to smack the crap out of my neighbour.

I am exhausted and ill, and going through more cravings than normal.

I have nearly eaten a whole bag of M&Ms.

But I did 6 hours worth of homework without a break.

I didn't have any ciggies. In fact I went to the doctors and got another script for my next lot of Champix (and some antibiotics).

I didn't get to walk my pup tonight but I did finish my assignment which is due tomorrow.

Cravings weren't too bad until I went to a mates house today. She and I usually chat and smoke like chimneys. She lit up and I found myself reaching for my pack... Which I didn't even have. I just felt like I should be smoking, and then I had a craving for it.

I did my homework, which I normally smoke during and have a few coffees. So I didn't make any coffees but when I had a spare moment to think (which wasn't too often), I found myself wishing I had one. And right now I'm setting my teeth and I could almost drive down the street and get some.

So I'm finally having an overall bad day.

Day 6 sucks!

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Ooh doesnt sound good poor you! But remember this feeling won't last forever and is just the withdrawal process that your body has to go through to fight off the evil nicotine. Now you've done some work how about a nice walk to get some fresh air or a nice hot bath?


It's 11:12 here and I was meant to be in bed at 10pm so can't right now, just waiting for my sleep sleep meds to kick in and I'll head off, for now though I'm still wired!

Got me some choccy milk ^.^


keep going


I've just had a bad day 6 as well. Nearly gave in for no reason at all. I just kept on going...kept busy all day and now i am proudly on day 7 feeling soooo much better. So glad I didn't give up.

Come on we CAN do this!!!



We can! :D

Just a bad day, but you get those on or off the smokes :D


Tal, I have just read through tour post-twice- hold on i thought, there are more positives in there than negatives (4 bad, 5 good and put the m&ms wherever you want, p(ersonally they would go on the good side as delicious) Also you have got into bed still a non smoker so that is another notch!

Keep going that girl!! You know you can do it, you have struggled bigger things than this! :D:D

Enjoy your hot choc milk and sleep well. xx


Not in bed, cold chocolate milk, but I have a Hubby who has also quit and I get to cuddle and smell him smoke free tonight ^.^


Officially made it to a week smoke free!

Saved: AUD$71.89 = 48.68 pound

Have NOT smoked: 140 smokes (probably more!!!)

Last smoke: 7 days and 21 minutes ago ^.^

So happy :D

Tired though so I'm off to brush my teeth

Good luck everyone! See you tomorrow!



Excellent, well done Tailen!! :cool:

Well done for getting through a cr*p day as well :D


On day 7.

Feel like having a smoke... Or 100. I'm glad I don't have any and that the shops are closed.

Feel like some sort of alcohol that tastes terrible but can be drunk abruptly.

Feel like bashing in the skulls of my university "classmates"

I don't even know why I wanted to do this course. It's so not want to do with and I am sick of killing my braincells in an attempt to understand idiots that will be teaching the future of my country. My country is screwed.

Finished work late.

Went to a friends house who had been sorting through her philosophy textbooks to help me out and was there for 3 hours trying to sort it all out.

Get home, check the uni forum.

4/9 people in the group have decided to completely change what we are doing next Wednesday.

We don't have a class before then and are expected to walk into a Highschool without having talked about it as a group at all.



what course are you doing?

Hey and also your day would still be cr*p with smoking so it is better with no smoking :-)


It would be crap, except I would get that false feeling of satisfaction which is actually my body breathing correctly for once.....

Postgraduate Diploma for Secondary Education.

I'm overqualified as it is and I feel like I've stepped down about 8 notches.

My graduate work has all led me towards the publishing and editorial sector but I live regional because my partner needs to be here. Was going to take up teaching for a while but I really really don't want to be doing it and the more I do of the course, the less I want to do it. That said, I don't want to leave a course half-finished, does that make sense?

Also: No judging peeps I don't care how I write online :P


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