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No Smoking Day
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day 7: this new sensation

Im on day 7 and during these quit days it seems like my mind and body is disconnected. I can't use the right vocabulary in a sentence. I feel like I have an IQ of a monkey. :confused: My thoughts are cloudy. As the quit days progress, I feel like I'm aging backward mentally and physically. I can't really explain this feeling in words but only through my vibe.

My conclusion: All these years of smoking chemicals in cigarettes, it became our bridge through are daily thoughts, actions, emotions, etc. Metaphorically speaking, visualize this: cars need a bridge to get across the other side. When that bridge is cut off, they can't get to the other side. Just like cigarettes (bridge); when it is cut off our thoughts, emotions, and state of being are not bridging like it was when we were smoking. During this quitting phase, we feel vague and mind boggling. Our body and mind is building a new bridge for us. A better one. When that bridge is complete, you become a new and better person and probably don't need cigarettes in your life. Hope this makes sense.

Current spec-

Age: 24

Quit days: 7

money saved: $20

state of emotion: Mind boggling, unfocused, lack of concentration

Physical aspect: sore throat

My motivation to quit is writing down what I want to buy with the money I save up from cigarettes. Feels better that you earned it. My goal is to reach $300 so I can get a new mountain bike. I want to start biking on trails.

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Welcome Shobo

I too have felt slightly disconnected and I seem to have lost the ability to type letters in the right order which makes life quite tricky cos I spend most of my working day writing letters to people!!

I'm also saving for a bike but I want a decent touring bike (I don't like hills much :D )

Well done for quitting - let us know how you get on



Welcome shobo

A deep post.Never thought of smoking in that light (bridges & stuff). I too have felt 'lost' and 'empty'. It seems to affect many of us at different times during our quits. Be it 4 days or 24days! Main thing is the next morning IT HAS GONE.


Stay strong sweetie



Welcome Shobo x x


a smoker builds a short term bridge, out of thick tar, needs constant attention to keep laying on new layers, as old ones disintegrate.

non smokers use bricks and mortar and never need go back for repair.

Having taken so many short cuts, you need to learn solid solution.

It's very natural and time is the cure x x not long promise x x then no going back!

Check posts here and see how much you are on par x x honestly, your jumping a tiny hurdle x x don't let it phase you x x


Buffy - Are you a psychiatrist? You should be - you'd be quids in!!!

Loopy XX


Ok if you like ! how many sessions you need? :D



I'm afraid I'm incurable......:)


Ah you have been blessed then :D


Thanks for the welcome people...glad to be here. still going strong.:mad:


Aw, Well Done!

Next step is to turn around that :mad: !!!!!


Hope the construction workers hurry up and build that new bridge, so as you can pass through to muddle free non smokingdom x x


Hi Shobo - well done keep with us (we may be slightly eccentric but hey we're good company!!

Loopy XX


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