It's been over 7 days now

I am so excited :D, I am so much calmer this week too and I actually have some friends left hehe. I have had a couple of cravings, but nothing bad. The one problem I do have (sorry this is like a too much info moment) is I am having trouble going to the loo, does smoking act as a laxative, I am so bloated and uncomfortable.

it is also my weigh in day tomorrow, so will see if it has made much difference to my weight.

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  • Hi there and big congrats on getting to week 2!!

    The "movement" issue is common, and does sort itself out. Maybe try one of the over the counter remedies in the meantime.

    Hope all goes well with the weigh in, any gain will most likely be down metabolic changes which do also sort themselves out. There was a post some time back about how smokers carry their weigh in different areas which may be worth searching for [unless anyone can post a link]

    All the best


  • Well Done:D keep it going!

  • hi hadenough,,its me again,,still friends,,you are doing good,,being bloated is one of the syptoms when you stop smoking,,stay strong and keep thefaith tony

  • Well done Hadenough, sounds like you are doing well and most important, keeping your sense of humour

    BibleBlack - this article makes interesting reading, think its the type of thing you are after.

    Thanks Catwoman that's it, must put that in my "library" ;)

  • Thanks for that link Catwoman. I've been panicking all week about weight gain and losing motivation daily. I was alright on Sunday but yesterday and today (day 13) has been a struggle. I don't think I'm eating more at meal times but I'm having a chocolate here and a biscuit there whereas I probably wouldn't have bothered before because I would have had a cigarette instead. My worst nightmare is to put the weight on I lost at the end of last year and start smoking again because then this will have been a complete waste of time. Your link has helped me get through the rest of tonight at least.

  • nic, just had a look on your signature,what a good link,will keep it in my favrets,,tony

  • Well done Hadenough, you are doing great hun. Good luck at the weigh in tomorrow to xx

    Thank you Catwomen for that post, it is very interesting and informative, what a relief that to get some information on weight issues surrounding quitting of the fags.



  • Awwwwww thanks everyone and Tony we're still friends sorry for being an oversensitive cow, week one is the worse for sure it sent me a bit mental.

    Thanks catwoman that's really interesting, I was big when I smoked but I was big all over, but because I was too big if that makes sense, there was no way my weight was able to be localised? One of my thighs was actually bigger than my waist is now (well both thighs were the same size, I didn't just have one big thigh hehe).

    I have been to the diet councillor today and can confirm I have gainned a 1lb :eek:, I am not going to lose any sleep over that. However I didn't gain any weight at all over Christmas even though I ate more and exercised less, so while 1lb gain is neither here nor there, I can see how not smoking has effected me and as I have not eat anymore than usual. That said I don't want to smoke again, I am enjoying feeling healthier.

    I am aiming for some sort of running competition (not to win just to take part) I only want to do a small one (a few miles), but it's something I can aim for now my lungs are getting stronger and it gives me something to work towards so when things get hard I can run rather than turn to a cigarette.

    My councillor said that I don't do things by halves, but in my opinion there are no halves with stopping smoking you either smoke or you don't :confused:. I have made a lot of changes over a short period of time and I just feel so alive and happy :D

    I still haven't found giving up too hard though, I use to smoke a lot and I never had filter tips so I got maximum effect, but I have found the process of giving up ok on the whole.

    Thanks for your support guys I really appreciate it. :)

  • Fantastic! What a positive post!

    Thanks hadenough - I think you are doing SO well and you are an inspiration to us all, especially as you are being so careful about your weight too.

    I usually run the 'race for life' 5km (3.2miles) for cancer charity. They are great fun and a little bit of an incentive to stay off the fags.

    Have a look for a race for life local to you then get training!!

  • Thanks Jerry, I will have a search for the races and find one that is coming up in the next 8 to 12 weeks :)

  • Good going Hadenough, glad its going so well.

    Hang in there, you are doing so well as you say 1 lb is nothing!!!!

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Nic, I am on day 13 now and feel great :)

  • Two weeks tomorrow, awesome!!!

    You have every right to be feeling great!

  • Well done HE

    Almost into week three. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done hun you are doing great :)

    A few of us are keeping week 3 warm for you :)



  • Let myself down :( I was doing so well too I don't really have the right to start in the later forums, do I go back to day 1?

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