No Smoking Day
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What's wrong with me??

It'll be 3 & a half months since my last confession ;) whoops since my last fag on Tuesday... but today i've been so snappy & everything is annoying me :mad:

What's really mad is I even had to dig out my nicorette inhalator today which i've not used for 2 weeks :confused:

I have no intention of ever smoking again i've failed 4 times & i'm never going through it again... So why am I feeling like this today :(

Denise x

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Oh Denise i so much want you to nail this. Ride the storm it will pass.




Ask yourself this;

If you remember back to before you smoked;

Did you ever feel edgy and bad tempered all day?

Ever find that things annoyed you?

Ever feel like your skin doesnt fit right?

yes you did.:rolleyes:

So why blame lack of cigs now? Fact is,we are all subject to normal varying human emotions,every smokers,we lean on fags to negotiate these emotions,to numb their effects,to chemically rise above the bad non smokers,we just endure them or drink,or snap at people,or get irritated. Sounds familiar? Yes-because you are exhibiting the normal behaviour of a NON SMOKER.Congrats,Denise :D

Well said Max.

This is exactly what I've had to remind myself of over the last week or so. Of course we have always had our off days. Does quitting smoking take away all of our bad days? Unfortunately not (though, it would be bliss!).

But we learn to deal with them in a better way :)

I do feel as though I have dealt with certain situations (mainly work related) in a more relaxed manner over the last few days. And I've been surprised after I've realised that I didn't just run off for a smoke. I did it all on my own :D


Hi Denise,

I'm glad to see you are doing so well apart from the odd bad days. Take my word for it, it does get easier. I found the third month hard as well but it will pass. Stay strong because it will be worth it.


Una x


Hope you are feeling better now Denise, these times take us unawares and they are awful but ride it out it will pass:)


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