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What the heck is wrong with me?


Hi all,

I am on day 48 of my quit. All of a sudden the urges have kicked in again; the cravings seem stronger than they have been for weeks.

Is this normal? Is it a psychological thing as I prep for my holiday?

For days now it suddenly feels as though I quit today and not nearly seven weeks ago.

What’s going on here?

Regards stateofgrace

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Is it a psychological thing as I prep for my holiday?

I reckon so, its easier if you accept that you are not going to smoke rather than constantly fight the feeling. Yeah easier said than done I know, but what I mean is that the more importance you give to the feelings the harder they are to ignore.

Yeah I guess you are right, just ignore them. I feel I am actually over the physical addiction but at this moment in time the thought of “just one" is there, it keeps creeping in.

I can confront the actual physical addiction and not give in to it but is so unexpected to be suddenly having a mind battle again. I thought once the physical side was addressed the rest would be plain sailing. I guess I was wrong.

Regards stateofgrace

Yep it's psychological!

I am so understabding what you are feeling rigt now. I am 3 1/2 weeks in using the gum and actually not hating it. I am so glad I am quitting and my husband too! However this weekend my husband's band is playing a charity event...we will be camping and drinking.....there will be an old car show and a BBQ contest. My mom has my 4 boys for the weekend. I keep thinking about how in the past...this would have been a smoke when I want, as much as I want mini vaca....then I realize...oh don't smoke now. I won't have the kids to keep me busy and I don't want to sit and eat endlessly. I think a lot of it is relearning how to spend our time!!

Just remember.....smoking was such a freaking nuisance in our daily lives. You can't go on vaca and smoke and come home a non-smoker. And you enjoy daily life so much more with out that nuisance of a habit!! So enjoy your vacation as a non-smoker so you can return to your daily life after ward without the burden of being a smoker!

Yes we can stick to this!!


quit 7 day 24: 39 yr old mom of 4: 24 yr ex-smoker 20-30 a day.

I think it is probably just because you are going to do something that you associate with smoking. Holiday its one of those hurdles to cross like first night drinking without smoking, first plane journey without the thought of the panic that we should be feeling before boarding a plane without a smoke,

around day 40 for me i started to feel slight cravings again it was more in my mind than anything the thought of a Cig was becoming more and more appealing so what i did was i got the alan carr book and although i was already off the cigs it still helped for me to understand why i still fancied a cig even though there is no nicotine in my system.

Hi Stateofgrace :D

Well done on your 48 days quit

I'm sorry to hear that the urges have crept up on you again now

I agree with the others it's a psychological thing for you as you like most of us did associate holidays with smoking it was something we did

This is why this is happening for you just now as you prepare for your holidays

Most of us to some extent feel as you feel now when something we associate with smoking occurs for the first time since you quit

Treat this as you would any other crave it will go away as did all the others you had

Enjoy your non smoking holiday

Click on the bottom link in my signature it has a bit in there about these type of craves just scroll down until you find it I think it will help you with this


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Statefograce

Well done on 48 days quit. That's brilliant and I'm sure you don't want to let go of that.

Everyone has given some great advice, and in fact come September when i go on holiday I'll likely need exactly the same advice myself!

Something which helps me with the cravings .... I find at times it's the fighting them which messes up my head. So instead of fighting them, i accept them. I say to myself "OK, i am having an urge to have a smoke. That's fine, I'll accept that I'm having a craving, but it will pass and I'm not going to smoke". It's almost as if the craving wants attention, acknowledgement. if I accept that yes, the craving is there and no, I am not going to smoke it helps it to go away.

Does that make sense or do i sound like a raving hippie? :)

Thank you everybody for the great advice.

I have decided to take the bull by the horns here. I have decided to go back onto the NRT for the duration of the holiday. I came off the patches a few weeks ago and went cold turkey but the feelings are so strong at the moment I fell it is best to try and combat them by giving my body some nicotine.

I know that this is a failure as such because I am allowing nicotine back into my system but feel that I will, at least have some control over it. I know that unless I do somewhere here I will cave in on holiday or during the travelling. So to this end I am back on the patches and have got myself a few weeks worth just for the holiday. It feels strange having a patch back on but I feel all the better for it. I will try to come off them when the holiday is over.

Thanks for all the advice and it is now, literally, time for me to fly.

Regards stateofgrace

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