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What the heck is wrong with wk3?

Its been a hell since third week has 15 was a nightmare, day 16 had some sense but again day 17 is driving me crazy....what has happened in third week while wk1 and 2 were almost fine....what about day 21 mark? Does really something happens after D21? Because all my efforts are to reach the day 21 they say you get our of mental addiction after that...

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Hi Rick

:( sorry to hear your struggling this week but it will get easier i promise you just have to keep taking one day at a time and before you know it you wilbe in week 4 :)

week 3 is a difficult time for most quitters mainly because your nicotine demon is starting to realise that your serious so is throwing everything it can at you to try and win the power/control back

plus remember that smoking has been a part of your life for a long time and your body is still adjusting to living without that habit of smoking through out the day

keeping a positive mindset will help wonders and keep repeating

i choose not to smoke today and i dont need to smoke to help as it wont help

onwards and upwards is the only way



Hey Rick my week three was the best of the first month, my week four was terrible. Of course it varies, but I can tell you that day 31 for me, all the craves and anxiety just disappeared. I woke up and they'd gone.

Hopefully this will be the case for you, or something similar, it's so so worth it :)


I had the same problem about the same time, I almost caved in, but I stayed resolute and it really did get easier after the three week marker. I am approaching 10 weeks now and only get fleeting cravings now. Stay strong this will pass I promise


Thank you

Thank you all. I'm trying.....


check out the terrible three's, things can feel tough at 3 days 3 weeks and 3 months but don't worry it all levels out and gets good very quickly stay on track all will be fine again shortly



Rick, I remember week 3 being the worst! All symptoms came at once and I felt rather down to be honest, but push through it because you WILL suddenly feel better!

Your body and mind is getting used to the fact that you no longer smoke and will use all tricks in the box to get you started again. And this is all that is happening, do please do not give in. By week 4 or 5 I felt 100% better, and I really hope you do too.


Whoops, just seen this was an older post - hope it all worked out! :)


Today is my 1st month smoke free! It was a tough 3rd week and 4 week, and even right now its tough! All I can say is stick with this forum, Go through all the threads and start reading, reading, and reading! When things get tough just keep posting!


Great advice Kub, hopefully Rick's still on it!


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