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Damn it :(


Damn it, ive just typed out a lovely long thread for all of you new and old quiters, only i pressed the back space button to many times and lost the lot :mad:

So here we go again, i am sorry i have been a bit elusive but my work here in Cyprus is starting to pick up (due to the temp going above 25 degrees).

I do pop my head in from time to time and to be honest i have missed you all, i would love to give you new quiters advice and encouragement because this forum in my eyes is the reason why my quit was so so easy. So many people helped me and they are still out there helping others, i feel really awful regarding not being there for the newbies and i suppose the oldies.

The reason why i can write this today is because im ill with the flu or should i say man flu :D, but i do wonder how much worse this flu would be on my chest, if i was still smoking 20 a day :( . Please please please new quiters if you are struggling just keep with it, it gets so much easier as the days go bye FACT. Yes you will because i do get the odd craving every now and again but they get so much weaker and you in yourself get so much stronger. The best thing you will find after a while in your quit is that when you have a cup of coffee or tea or after a meal or socializing with a pint/wine or first thing in the morning ect that thing that's stuck in your mind and scares you to death because you think they go together and how can i do these things without a cig/fag..................it in time just goes away and believe me i wake up in the morning now and (i was the worst in the world for this because all i was thinking about was a fag/cig that would be my first thought and my first action) all i think about now is my lovely Steffi and how much i love my life (smoke free) and that first cup of coffee with a couple of slices of toast with 2 free range pouched eggs on top. I never never now even think about cigs/fags even when i've finished my food (and that was the first thing i used to think about).

All im trying to say is that please please don't give up on your quit (yes your going to have a choppy rough ride for a while but once youve sailed through it you will have paradise waiting for you and there are so many members on this forum waiting for you)

Just imagine how great i feel now....................not thinking of cigs/fags in the morning, not thinking a fag/cig and coffee go together and not wanting AT ALL a cig/fag after food, but the best for me is that my pint of KEO (Cyprus lager) tastes so so much better without those stinky horrible cig/fags.................You will crack it just keep with it and you may not think so at this moment in time but i will put my life on the line and tell you without a shadow of a doubt it gets so so much easier as time goes bye.


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hand on heart will power all you have said is where i am now , and its lovely to read all the things you have said , x keep it up for all the new ones .x

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