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Day 1 Cold Turk at work

So I had my last ciggie at 07.40am this morning. Thought ill start this at work rather than when i finish in the hope that by the time im back again monday the worst of it will be over.

Im confident but scared at same time, i have never been scared before about a quit which makes me think I am really serious this time because i know i will just have to cope and the option of having a fag is not there. Time is going slow already...really slow lol but maybe thats because its friday.

anyways im sure there will be other weekend quiters so lets all come togetha and keep the spirits up!

TO freedom everyone :)

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Life changing decisions Nikki - well done. :D


Good luck Nicky! I was scared too of giving up which surprised me!

Hope the day starts to go a bit quicker for you.


So its been 3 hours and im starting to cluck now abit lol customers on the phone are getting the basic service only!

I keep telling myself that all having a cig will do is just re-start this clock and ill feel the same again in a few hours. Everything has to start somewhere doesnt it or ill just never quit if i dont want to go through this bit and well thats not an option.

Im fed up of something occupying my brain all the time. Its hard at this point to think there is light at the over side and no that no cravings do exist, i know they do but right now....i dno just gotta try and no punch someone! :D


Keep going Nikki - your doing great! I have one of those quite apps, that counts the time since the last cig - and it really helps my determination as there is no way I want to reset that clock back to zero!

I'm on Day 5 now and it really has got easier as the days go by so keep at it. :)


I'd say best piece of advice I can give, is just to accept that it's going to be a rough few days.

You're going to feel a bit crappy for a few days now, and you need to just accept that. The more you beat yourself up and keep wanting to feel better then the more likely you are to fail.

Get through work, then get home, get some hot chocolate, sit down, accept that you're gonna feel rubbish for a few days and get through it.


So its been 8 and half hours now and I feel fine. I have never ever had a day at work cold turkey and its actually EASIER at work!! my biggest fear was coping at work and now ive done it i feel so much more confident. Ive got a meal later and i wasnt worried about that too but now ive coped with work im sure i can cope with eating a curry haha ill have to pack the tic tacs!

this nicotine smoking thing really is just illusion im starting to see. :o


That is fabulous, Well done Nikki!

Enjoy your meal tonight and keep at it. :)


14 hours in and just had a crave so bad i wanted to cry! Lol so stupid i werent gonnq give in though! I never want to do this again so horrible! I know theres light at the end so im.gonna put up with all.this **** till.i get there! Day 2 tomoro bring it on!


Hi Nikki,

Well done your doing great, sounds daft my best bit of advice sob your heart out if that's how you feel. I did you would have thought some one had died, then i took tips from this site. Drink loads of water when you crave and have a nap if you can tomorrow and Sunday, it really helped me.


i second what she says ^. Cry if you want.. i did! Deep breathing also really helped me when i first quit. Trust me their is a light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot remember my last serious crave? Let me tell u its a wonderful feeling! :D

Hope your sticking with this and still staying strong! :)


Keep up the good work, you're doing great girl :D xx


great decision and it will change your life.


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