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Cutting up patches

i'm on the 25mg patches. I have three more weeks supply. (not been to the doctors to get them-a friend gave them to me as she has been quit for a year and had them at home in date)

Do you think I could cut them in half? the next size down is 15mg so half would give me 12.5mg. I was thinking if this is possible I would do 1 more week at 25mg then 2 at 12.5 then 4 at 1/4 of a patch (6.25).

has anyone done this before?

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any advice? dont want to keep shoving 25gm of nicotine a day into me, but didnt know if I could cut them up or if to go out and buy the lower dose ones?


Hi Trea

I know a lot of people on here have cut patches up to (1) make them go a bit further and (2) reduce nicotine down to levels lower than the patch.

Go for it! :D


Thanks Shazza, i will give it a go, as from wednesday as in hospital for operation on my shoulder tomorrow. I will let you and others know if it works ok - the patch cutting i mean!


Hope all goes well with your op xx


I cut mine up. I even used 3/4 of a patch for a couple of days. Figured it was less of a drop :-)


thanks Midwifey, anthroscopic on shoulder, will be looking forward to moving and grooving again;)

I will def give the cut up patches ago then, hey even 3/4 is better than a whole one!

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow, i may well be online if i am scheduled for a late morning operation. At least I am being driven to the hospital by never never-smoked husband so wont be tempted to have a ciggie, but boy do I want one now!


All the best for tomorrow Trea, will be watching for your post op post!!! Resist that crave hon, it's just the evil little demon trying to tell you that you can't cope with life without him and guess what, as per usual, HE'S LYING!!!! He's just pulling his usual tricks trying to capitalise on a stressful event by trying to kid you into thinking that he will somehow make the situation easier to handle - who the hell is he kidding?! All he adds to it is a stimulant to heighten the emotions you're already experiencing, guilt because you've failed, additional stress because now you're looking for your next cigarette and shame because you have to own up to everyone that your actions are being dictated by some shredded plant leaves! HOW DARE HE???!!!! This is YOUR life, YOUR choice, YOUR health, YOUR money, YOUR self respect and he has NO SAY!!!

Love your reply Kat!

some shredded plant leaves...LMFAO!!!!

I do actually have 200 B&H in hubbys car, they were duty frees brought back for me 3 days of quitting...could have given them to someone else straight away but it is sooooo much more satisfying knowing they are there, I can get them BUT I DONT WANT THEM!!! they will be binned at 3 months...or burnt infront of a desperate smoker hahahhaahhahaha!! <evil face>

I will be posting tomorrow post op when i will be pain free for the first time in nearly 2 years- even if it is only the nerve block stopping the pain;)


i would cut them :-)

ooh its like a vote lol


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