No Smoking Day
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A quarter of a year! How cool is that?!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Easter break :)

I'm celebrating a whole quarter of a year of freedom today! :cool:

That's 91 days without a cigarette...

88 days of not having fag breath...

75 days of not coughing...

1820 cigarettes not smoked....

303 hours not spent smoking...

£591 not spent on killing myself...

91 days of feeling proud of myself...

91 days of the kids being proud of me...

91 days of wondering why the hell did I waste 25 years smoking.

91 days of being grateful to Allen Carr, I know I wouldn't be here writing this if I hadn't read his book.

Stopping smoking has been a bizarre experience for me, I've tried and failed in the past, I expected it to be painfully difficult like it had been before but this time has been so easy and it feels like the most natural thing in the world to not smoke. When I think back to Christmas I could never have imagined being where I am now but I'm so glad I decided to stop.

Lastly I'd like to say a massive well done to everyone, whether you're on day 1 or year 10, keep going and keep enjoying the freedom!

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Fab post JuJu! Great to read all those stats, just amazing what you have achieved in 3 months! Here's to the next 3 months. Half a year quit:)


That is really fab JuJu, massive congratulations to you 'cos you've done brilliantly :D


Thanks Haze :) it's surprising just how quick all those numbers mount up isn't it and the idea of spending nearly 600 quid on nearly 2000 dirty stinking fags is mind boggling and yet I did it for so long without batting an eyelid. What a mental thing to do!! I feel like I've escaped from a madhouse :D


Thanks Gemma :-) a big well done to you too!

Thanks Max, I'd better go get my MOT sorted then cos I'm looking forward to that ride out :D:cool:


Great stuff Juju! I know the months 4&5 room was going to get busy, time for a party I think!

Congratulations, three months is a big milestone and you should be deservedly proud! :)


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