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Day 8 and hanging in

Now reached the end of day 8. After the intensity of the battle I was having last week had occasional moments of being Ok. The battle now I find is slightly different. Last week was full on - swords drawn. This week I notice the attacks are a little more devious - with cravings creeping up at unexpected moments just as I think all is fine. I must try not to let my guard down and for the first time my 'foggy' head also felt clearer - yes I have been in a zombie state for over a week but beginnning to emerge now. Love not smelling of smoke but I do find myself trying to get a whiff if I am in the vicinity of a smoker - even felt slightly jealous that I didn't have a cigarette - how devious these cravings are!

Someone sent me this quote - seemed quite apt! - ' If you are going through hell, keep going', Sir Winston Churchill.

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well done Trish day 8 is a great milestone to have under your belt. Onwards and upwards to double digit days of quitting

Donna :)


Nic o'Tine is a devious little devil, but you're doing very well :)

You do have to keep your guard up, 'cos he doesn't want to let you go *but* you can beat him!!


Fantastic for reaching day 8! I'm on a similar timeframe. I'm convinced that my adversary, 'Nasty Nic', is the Tango Man in disguise. He slaps and surprises me, just when I'm not expecting it, lol! :eek:


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