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Day Four and still hanging in there!

Hi all and continued good luck!

I'm reaching the end of day ' now 96 hours and 5 mins since my last smoke.

It's been a bit easier than days 1 to 3 but still very tough. Every day seems to throw up some new stress trap that normally I'd deal with by smoking (or so it's been for the last 20 years since I was 15).

I'm just hoping that each passing day, things get a little bit easier and I feel a bit more "normal."

Giving up smoking is a little bit like escaping from death row. The escape attempt may be awfully tough, but you'd have to be mad to turn around and return to your cell. Each day I run from my cell get's me a little closer to freedom!

Hope everone else is hanging in there too. All we have to do each day is get through till tomorrow ;o)


1st serious quit attempt using the inhalator and odd bit of nicotine gum.

quit on 21/07/09 at 9pm

Had smoked 20 a day for 2O years and now 36 years old

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Hi Chris :D

You're doing fine on day 4 over half way through the first week hang in there it will get better Promise

Take it day by day you'll get there


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks Margareth,

Yup I'll keep plugging away and seeing what moments of clarity each new day brings


even if I do feel :confused: ha ha


The Great Escape

Am loving the idea of the quit being like the great escape i can imagine the marg on the motorbike right now.

Keep it up and well done for getting to Day 4.


Yup, unlock your cells and run for your lives people!



Welcome to Day 5 Chris!! Can you see the chink of light in the distance? That's the end of the tunnel and...... freeedooommmm!!!!!!

How you feeling today?


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