Still hanging in at 54 days

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, me and Mario123 is still around, munching on most everything. We have reached the point where don't NEED to smoke, but rather WANT to. This is where you need bucketsful of willpower!!

My son had his 18th party, and obviously some of his friends smoked and there was alcohol and music and everything. It was tough. We hid in the bedroom, trying to ignore the wants... We made it, but since then it has been a powerstruggle between nic and willpower. So far willpower is only just inching forward, hoping to take the win...

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  • Fantastic news LI!!! I'm so happy that you are both still going strong.


  • People here will get to know who I am... and how I express myself. It'll always respectful... but with harsh truth that some don't like to be confronted with.

    You're hot LiquidIce. Stay strong and smober. It's time for you to be in control of your life... and of your surroundings. Don't forget 'WHY' you quit smoking. ALWAYS keep it in mind. There's NO such thing as 'only one' because 'only one' will send you back with this bit*hy Old Nic.

    Your kid must understand that it's your house (too). Thanks to you, your kid as a roof above his head and good parents that provide him with a good life. So, your kid MUST have a minimum of respect for you. Ask him to make his party elsewhere if there will be smoking inside the house. Have him respect and encourage YOU in your quest to be smober.

    As for me, I'm so determined in my bones to quit that I quit cold turkey. I have no carvings, no need no more... as if I never smoked in my life. Why? I guess it's because it's in my fu****ing bones and guts to quit. I don't even ask my friends not to smoke around me because it doesn't bother me. And when they come to my place, they go smoke outside just out of respect for me... and I didn't even had to ask.

    Two months, five days, 3 hours que j'ai arrêté de fumer. 3968 cigarettes (à plumes) non fumées. J'ai économisé 496,06 $.

    Eish, another king-ding-a-ling-know-it-all...

  • I did read LI post and read that your son and his friends were smoking in the house as maybe Don did too.

    Does anyone still allow smoking in their house when neither of the adults/homeowners/parents etc smoke? ie you have both given up, did you ever smoke in doors before or was it the smell just wafting up to the window from the garden.

    Hats off to you guys for holding the party at home, so many 18 yr olds over here just go out and get smashed and ruin things for them selves that evening and the next day

  • First off, thanks for all the replies!! I have to clarify, my son does not smoke, in fact he hates it. His friends did not smoke inside the house, they did not smoke close to us. But it is still hard not to smell it, or see the red glowing end of a cigarette being pulled on.

    Next, ItalianDon, congratulations on finding it so easy, but no need to be so arrogant about it. Most of us come on here when we struggle, needing some support from people who have been through it. By doing it the way you do by being so arrogant, you will scare of chase people off. Someone like me for instance. You make me feel like I am not good enough or I am a failure for not getting it like you did. I actually felt ****ing awesome about myself, doing this cold turkey and still hanging in, until your post. I now feel that I am not worthy, and if I cannot do it right of feel it in my '****ing bones', then I might as well quit quitting. I actually crave even more now and struggle more now. As I said, congrats on doing so well, but don't force it onto us. There are ways of being supportive, and this is not it.

    My husband is doing as annoyingly well as you do, with very little cravings, so he does not 'need to feel better about his little self' as you put it. He was trying to say what I just did, just differently. I don't appreciate my husband getting talked to like that. He was looking out for me.

    Maybe I'll just go have a ****** fag now. It might just make ME feel better.

  • Don't give in LI - it's not worth it. There is too much tension and anger around on this forum today.

    You are strong and do not need to smoke. You are so close to joining me in Month 3 too so hurry up and get your SA backsides in here please!!!!:p

  • Hello LI an Mario

    I was wondering where the two of you were!!! So glad to hear that you are doing well!!!:):p:(:p:) x

  • Sjt13, my blood is boiling. My back is not doing so great today and I am just plain cranky. I don't appreciate some of the 'help' and 'advice' which is being handed out on some posts. It is dertimental and not helping others, unless I understood the reason for the forums?

    Jess, yes we are still around. Just avoided the forums for a bit as the last time I was here I craved badly... Thought it was going to be better, but I guess not.

  • I think there have just been some odd posts today - normally it's very supportive but I did not like some of today's posts. Sorry you are feeling bad, but you know that smoking will not help one bit so why bother??? It is very hard but just keep first prize in mind - to be a non smoker!! You have been a non smoker for nearly 2 months and that is brilliant!!

    Keep going LI - you can do this!!!!

  • Nicodemon in disguise?


    Congratulations to your both! You should feel really proud to have got through another trial. I`m just a bit ahead of you on 64 days and plodding along. I don`t post much but draw enormous help and inspiration from you all. There is was no way I could succeed with a quit until my children had all left home. It was too chaotic. Believe me - I tried loads of times so I am full of admiration that you are doing so well. I think those who are arrogant about their `easy` quits are probably all the same person - Nicodemon in disguise - trying anything to make you have a puff. Don`t fall for it!


  • I'm sorry LI. But I'm sure you'll admit that your husband started it by condescending treating me as: "just another king-ding-a-ling-know-it-all...". Wouldn't you say that he was rude and arrogant to me?

    Anyway. Come on LI and Mario. Maybe that I don't have the right way to encourage people to be as easily a smober than me. I'm so thankful to have found the way to quit without any carvings that I would like to share it with all of you people. I know that it's my way... and that you have to find your own way. But will people here make me feel guilty because it's being too easy for me? I just want to share it with all of you. Maybe it'll help just one to become smober.

    And LI, I'm sorry if my last post made you want to take a puff. But you'll have to be much stronger than that if you want to win your battle. My last post was nothing compare to whatever might come to you in the future.

    And there you go again on how easy it was for you and being forceful. People are not making you feel guilty about it being so easy, you are making them feel guilty for not having it so easy.

    Can I then please ask you not to try and help me your way, because it is absolutely not helping me at all. I know I have lots of bumps ahead of me, no need for you to point them out and tell me I am being weak. That is NOT supportive. At least not to me. There is a huge difference between encouraging and being forceful (for lack of better word), and to me you are anything but encouraging. Sorry.

  • Ignore him hun, you're doing well - even though you're having a difficult quit. You're not smoking, and that is the only thing that matters.

    Can't be ***ed with people who had an easy quit and want to make those of us who didn't feel bad.

  • Hierdie kant of daardie kant makie sakie. Ek is moer trots ons op al sukkel die 'wil' so bietjie so nou en dan.

    Trots op jou my lief en byt vas. Erens op een of annerse donnerse manier moet die wil om te rook nou flippin ophou.:)

  • Who is so damn rude? Am I missing something here?

  • Very well said Smile. Totally agree.

  • How bizarre! Just when you think you've seen it all........:rolleyes:

  • How bizarre! Just when you think you've seen it all........:rolleyes:

    LI - I hope you don't mind I am using your post to send a HUGE congrats to Angry Bear on the Eve of his one year Anniversary!!!! Celebrate - I am toasting you my friend!

  • LI - I hope you don't mind I am using your post to send a HUGE congrats to Angry Bear on the Eve of his one year Anniversary!!!! Celebrate - I am toasting you my friend!

    Thanks Melzee, just got back in from my son's birthday meal, he's 18 today too :D

  • Thanks Melzee, just got back in from my son's birthday meal, he's 18 today too :D

    Happy Birthday to your son!!!! A whole lot of celebrating for your family this week!!! That's great! Enjoy - it is WELL deserved! Cheers!

  • Congrats Angry Bear, on both celebrations... Surviving a year of not smoking and raising an 18yr old!

    And to the rest of you, thanks for your support, it is very much appreciated!

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