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Day 6 Still Hanging In There

Good Afternoon Everyone,

And Happy Mothers Day to All The Quitting Mums :o

Day 6, I can't believe I am here, its such a good feeling and although hard I did not know I had this amount of willpower to even get me this far. I am feeling ok, obviously I do have cravings and good and bad days but I dont think they are as bad as they would be if I was doing this cold turkey (Im on Champix) ! They have also managed to make me not want to drink though which is a bummer, 2 x voddie and redbulls last night and I went back onto tea, it just was not the same at all.

If I am bored that is my worst times, I have nothing to do with my hands so I am going to have to think of how to replace the physical side of smoking and conquer the mental one at the same time.

I enjoyed smoking most part until I started to cough my lungs up and choke to death at times if I inhaled the wrong way (not quite sure what makes you enjoy them when you realise whats in them , eek) They are probably worse than some drugs that are banned. lol Scary eh !!

Well I am still winning the battle and hope you are all doing well today too

have a good day and enjoy the fresh air your breathing in

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Im also on day 6 and im cracking up a little. Sounds stupid but my god its boring when you dont smoke, i know it sounds stupid, it is such a stupid thing to say, but thats how i feel, bored stupid!

Had a bit of a rant earlier at hubby on the phone, he tries to very encouraging telling me how wonderful im doing and full of praises but to me i feel patronised, like im an idiot, i know smokings a daft thing to do, i know one day i will feel healthier, but when? how long does it take for me to even feel slightly different cause right now i feel like i put a fag out 15 mins ago and im due the next one......

Im getting cranky, i can feel it, not a nice feeling.


Keep up the good work, both of you!! Yeah you feel like the spawn of satan some days (I know I did on day 4) but just think to yourself what that ciggy you crave will do for you...nothing...maybe make you feel even more racked off that all that hard work was for nothing and you are back to square one! Are 5 mins of smoke really going to cure boredom? What is interesting about it anyway? These are just a couple of the questions I ask myself when I'm getting twitchy and 'bored'. I'm only on day 7 and I am trusting the people that keep telling us to keep going and that it does get better.

Instead of climbing the walls with frustration, why not suddenly think that you can't quite believe you've got this far and how pleased with yourself you are! I keep randomly smelling my clothes or hair and it really makes me smile with pride (cheesy but true).

Here's another thing that I'm going to mention in the general discussion forum. I read in my local paper about a woman who is knitting to help the Jenny Chant Appeal (breast cancer awareness). They are going for a world record of a 34 mile scarf!! They need 800 2metre scarves just to make 1 mile. Last time I knitted was primary school! I think it helps me a bit more that it's for charity (just in case I got bored). I've just been down to the local craft shop and bought 2 balls of wool and a pair of needles, cost me £8 (not even 2 days worth of cigs). If you're interested, here is the website

I hope you found something out of my rambling that helped =)


Cheers to you both, at least we all know we are not suffering alone, how good is that !

God what a good point re hair and clothes I havent even thought of that before and I do smell nice, wow ! I think I was in denial re all of that to be honest although I did shower twice a day and not only do I have to think of the cost of cigerettes over 25 years I also need to add the cost of air freshers, scented candles and smokers toothpaste I have bought over those years too which was to make me believe that me and my house did not smell of a smoke or that I was in fact a smoker at all.

I really hated walking about the streets with a ciggie in my hand or standing at a shop doorway, mind you I think all the non smokers out there who looked at me like I was from mars doing that were not that nice and should not be so nasty in looks and comments to the smokers who have still yet to quit.

I have been bored this weekend I have to say and every single thing I do reminds me of when I used to have a ciggie, ie every 5 mins lol

I am really proud of myself so far and you all should be too. Its a huge step to take to even admit to yourself that you do not want to smoke anymore and to get to nearly our week one is amazing.

Keep it up, and thanks for the support and comments as well, really do appreciate them (I come on here and look at comments when I feel like a ciggie and you lot remind me why I should'nt smoke - yippee) !


There's a thread in...I think the general section of the forum about what we don't have to think about now we don't smoke. Take a look, it's amazing what we used to think and do! Makes freedom taste just that bit sweeter :D


Hi, its really nice coming back on and seeing other posters in the same boat but being so encouraging to others, maybe one day i will be an encourager instead of a whinger!!!

I had to laugh at myself today in the supermarket, someone earlier mentioned all the smellies we buy to keep our homes smelling fresh and i bought my usual airfresheners and candles. Only when i got home i went to light a candle but couldn't cause iv binned every lighter and match that i had in the house haha, did make me laugh.


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