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oops I slipped up

im having to start again. I was on day 8.

I have a panic disorder and havent left my village in 5 years and I decided its time to get out and see the world. I went to London to the museum and the theatre. On the way I couldnt bring myself to get on the train. I found it hard to breathe, due to anxiety. After having a cigarette, it helped me to control my breathing and settled me down. I am not proud of it and I was really concerned most about the smell. It tasted horrible, i might have well just licked the floor on the train!! I dont ever want to smoke again!!! Im putting my patches on and Im more determined than ever!!

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Oh I'm sorry you've got that to deal with!!

Obviously it's not great that you slipped up *but* looking at the good side you hated the fag, the smell and how it made your mouth feel - and if it's made you more determined to not smoke another that can only be a good thing!!

Climb back on and let's do it this time :) x


I've known people who've slipped up and it's been the making of them.

My best friend stopped cold turkey around a week and a half before me, but had decided to allow herself a cigarette or two on a Friday night when drinking with friends (I couldn't trust myself not to go back to full time smoking and decided not to join her in this).

She did this for two weeks, smoking around 2-4 cigarettes on the Friday night and getting up on the Saturday without even a niggle of a craving.

But she got sick of it after the second weekend, as she felt horrific on a Saturday morning.

So she hasn't touched one since! She's just trying to work a way around being able to drink on a Friday without wanting one now, as she hates the smell and the "hangover" that she has been given by choosing to smoke.

Well done for picking yourself up and starting again. The main thing is that you WANT to keep fighting.

Keep up the hard work! :)


thanks peeps

to be honest I am sooo over the moon about going to London. Its the biggest thing that has happened in a long time! When you are house bound for a few months its super depressing so to finally get out is totally amazing! Im very very proud of myself. The doctor says some people with my condition are house bound for 20 years! so Ive done really well to get out and about :D

Yeh I slipped up but I think i have the determination to stop this time for good. :D

Thanks for all your support. its muchly appreciated

HAKUNA MATATA!!!!!!!!!!! :p


flopsy flopped! :p


Well done on your massive achievement in going to London. Stopping smoking will seem simple compared to that! Good on yer for getting straight back into your quit. X


well done keep up the good work you can do this there is life after fags



One year, three months, five days, 42 minutes and 57 seconds. 27661 cigarettes not smoked, saving $15,767.20. Life saved: 13 weeks, 5 days, 1 hour, 5 minutes.


So sorry for your slip, but u made it to London.

Hi hun, try not beat yourself up ok.

You got to London and back well done for that.

Next time prepare yourself some more so you can deal with your anxiety with out smoking.

But you done excellent hun and I mean that, now you no wot to expect with the journey.

Life's about living, you book another trip to London, and go and enjoy yourself.

You will find that inner strength hun not to smoke after ur journey out ur village.

Instead u b in London smiling, saying I dun the journey smoke free and stress free.

Wishing u all the luck u can and will do this, ur stronger then u think. Xxxx



I don't no u but I'm proud you found the strength and courage to venture out your village.

Well done, and don't stop yourself living hun.

Brush yourself off, in due time book that meal again in London.

You will get the freedom to live outside ur comfort zone ur village, and smoke free.

Blessings with ur journey hugs x


Thanks max

What lovely posts there Nadz :D:D

My heart felt tucked when I read this just at to reply from the heart x


aw thank you very much. Ive planned to take an hour and a half Journey on thursday. Im going to the Zoo! Ive never been to one before so its going to be awesome! I just hope they let me leave *hehe* :D

This trip is going to stay smoke free! With all the nice things everyone has been saying and all your support I know I can do it :D


I've just been reading this lovely thread Magic Bunny. I hope you've managed to have a lovely day out at the zoo today.

Good luck with your quit.

Linda x


I did it!!!! Hour and a half journey each way and no fags! Yayy

I got some cool pics of the zoo animals and brought a lemur teddy for a present - to myself lol. Hhey I deserve it :)) ill try n add the pics when I can. Im now 9 days 23hrs smoke freeeeeeee thought of u guys whilst craving. Thanks for your support xx


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